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Happy Birthday, Tom Baker!!

For many people, Tom Baker IS the Doctor, and according to his bio on IMDb, Tom Baker IS 78 years old today. In honor of the man, the myth, the maniac that is Tom Baker, I’ve included some clips from my five favorite Fourth Doctor stories.


This was written by Douglas Adams which explains the overall silliness. Also, this is during the time when Tom was at his most unhinged.


Here we have what is one of the defining moments for Tom Baker and the Fourth Doctor, where he confronts the Daleks’ insane creator, Davros, and attempts to change the future.

Baker in his only companion-less adventure. The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to stop an assassination plot, culminating in a battle with his arch nemesis, the now-decrepit Master.

I couldn’t find just a clip of it, but luckily this trailer for the DVD release is really wonderful and encapsulates everything about why I love this story so much.

Who says the Doctor can’t fight? This story has Victorian setting, the Doctor playing Sherlock Holmes, a living ventriloquist dummy, giant sewer rats, a time cabinet, and even a fair amount of racism against Chinese people. Still, this is one of the best in Baker’s entire run and shows him at the very peak of his power.

Here’s a portion of a TV documentary called “The Story of Doctor Who” from before the reboot all about Tom Baker’s run.

Finally today we have a vintage interview Tom and the late, great Elisabeth Sladen did for British TV in 1976.

Happy Birthday, Tom!!!

-Kanderson hopes he’s still as spry at 78. And as crazy. Follow him on TWITTER and listen to his PODCAST

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  1. alatari says:

    I always loved the chemistry with his doctor and Romana II and now I know why. They were married. She is my favorite companion from the pre-reboot years.

  2. Jennifer Erickson says:

    Oh, that interview has some priceless moments in it, doesn’t it? He’s so sweet with the kids. When the first caller asked him, “How’re you getting on?” I thought I’d die from the onslaught of adorableness. Thanks for sharing that clip!

  3. Jake says:

    Yes all these clips were great saw every ep except seeds of doom. My first Doctor Who adventure was a repeat on pbs, it was The Pirate Planet and I had no idea what I was watching other than it had a robot dog and parrot. Still, it led me to more fantastic adventures that I treasure to this day thanks to Tom Bakers performance.

    Happy Birthday Tom Baker!!

  4. SayntMykl says:

    City of Death is one of my all-time fave eps of Who! So much going for it: Paris location shots, Julian Glover, Catherine Schell, and Elanor Bron and John Cleese! One of the many great things about it is that he’s accompanied by Romana II and she was just as unhinged as Baker. It also helped that they were married, so their on-screen chemistry was so incredibly genuine! One of the not-so-great things was the score. That repeated theme over and over and over whilst they were walking around Paris. Oy. Well picked, sir!

  5. Sin Greaves says:

    Happy Birthday Tom Baker. You were my First Doctor, the one who made me fall madly in love with Doctor Who for all times. Hope to see you for a lot more years to come. Hugs and kisses to one of the best!