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The Best Films and Shows the Golden Globes Should Nominate This Year

The Golden Globe nominations are nearly here! This is thrilling news for us. While the too stodgy Academy Awards have long sniffed at genre films, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s awards are more inclusive, thanks in part to two categories dedicated to Best Motion Picture: Best Drama, and Best Comedy or Musical. They even toast the best in television, including dramas, comedies, mini-series and TV movies. And this means more of our favorite films and shows of 2017 have a real shot at scoring the acclaim they so richly deserve! Before the Globes announce nominations this coming Monday, December 11, we decided to offer our two cents.

Here are the hopefuls we’re rooting for:

Best Motion Picture (Either Drama or Comedy/Musical) 

The Shape of Water

Though he’s heralded as a visionary filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro‘s Pan’s Labyrinth is his only film to have earned Globes attention. But his girl-meets-Amphibian Man tale is positively swimming in praise. With riveting performances from Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones, awe-inspiring visuals, and a breathtaking score by Alexandre Desplat, The Shape of Water seems destined to bring del Toro his due!


While the Globes are more welcoming to genre films, there’s an apparent prejudice against superhero movies. In the last decade, only Deadpool has scored a Best Motion Picture nomination. But that was just last year, so maybe the tide is changing? Tackling political themes and offering powerhouse performances from Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and newcomer Dafne Keen, James Mangold‘s Logan would be our pick for mightiest superhero contender.

Wonder Woman

But don’t count out Diana! Warner Bros. has mounted an Oscar campaign for Wonder Woman. Achieving a Globes nod would be an important step in the uphill battle of earning this genre the award season respect it deserves! Director Patty Jenkins delivered eye-popping Amazon action sequences, and Gal Gadot gave a glorious performance that’s inspired countless fans. Here’s hoping the HFPA recognizes the wonders of this warrior’s story.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Looking to Best Animated Film, the playful and surprisingly poignant spinoff will certainly be a nominee, just as The LEGO Movie was before it. From Will Arnett’s super silly spin on the caped crusader to the high-octane action, and giddy inclusion of even the most obscure Batman villains, it was rollicking and delightful ride.

Get Out 

One of the most praised films of 2017, Jordan Peele‘s wildly successful directorial debut seems guaranteed a nomination. While debate rages online over the actual genre of the film, the Globes have accepted it as a comedy submission. That may be a political move on Universal’s part. But between its critical acclaim, stellar performances, haunting visuals, and razor-sharp critique of race relations in America, Get Out will no doubt conquer in this category.

Best Series (Drama, Comedy, or Limited)

Stranger Things 2 

Last year, the Netflix series scored a nod for Best Drama SeriesSo, it’s already on the Globes’ radar. With Stranger Things 2, the show grew richer and wilder, rolling out devilish Demodogs, punk rock Jane, a mysterious monster, and the unlikely hero that was puzzle-loving Bob. So you can safely bet we’ll see Stranger Things in the Globes’ nomination announcement.

Game of Thrones

With four nominations for Best Drama so far, we’ll be shocked if HBO’s fantasy epic isn’t nominated following one of its most spectacular seasons yet. Last winter the Globes gave Lena Headey a nomination for her flawless portrayal of the merciless Cersei. Yet Game of Thrones’ only win was for Peter Dinklage for season one! The HFPA better give the show the respect it deserves before it’s too late.


The snobbery against superheroes exists in TV nominations too. The Globes hasn’t nominated a single one for any of the above categories in the past ten years. However, Legion might be able to two-step around this prejudice. The surreal and sophisticated series has won praise for shaking up the superhero standards with stunning musical numbers, bonkers performances, and a challenging mental health narrative. Creator Noah Hawley has changed the game, and we predict the Globes will celebrate that.


Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa‘s neo-noir take on Archie comics has been building momentum, and brewing suspense along with pitch-black humor and twisted surprises. Season two’s taken a sicker, more satisfying spin as a serial killer stalks the town with Pep. And we wouldn’t be surprise if the Globes toast it. After all, they honored The CW’s other genre-blending hit, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, giving creator/star Rachel Bloom a win before most of us had even caught on to its crazy goodness. 

Rick and Morty

There’s no Best Animated Series category, but The Globes has previously nominated The Simpsons in the Best Comedy series category. So this Adult Swim hit has a shot. In its third season, one of the most watched comedies on TV threw the drunk genius and his ever-flustered grandson into mind-bending realms and morality-questioning adventures. Even in the era of peak TV, who could ignore the majesty of Pickle Rick?

Performances (Best Actor, Best Actress across all categories, supporting included)

Betty Gabriel, Get Out

Peele packed his cast with incredible actors, and we’d like to see nods across award season for the lot of them. But none are so deserving as Gabriel, who took a small role and made it unforgettable with one single scene. You know the one. She smiles broadly. Too broadly. She says, “No,” but over and over like a short-circuiting robot. And all the while, her eyes scream, while shedding tears that rattle us to our core.

Millie Bobby BrownStranger Things 2

Last year, Winona Ryder got a well-deserved nod for playing the single mom who was the pulsing, pained heart of season one. Stranger Things 2 stepped up Eleven’s emotional evolution, giving her teen angst, Poppa Hopper, and a controversial bottle episode. And Brown slayed every step of the way. Raise your waffles, and cheer for the rise of Jane!

D’Arcy Carden, The Good Place

Dramatic performances tend to dominate the blended Best Supporting category, but if there’s one supporting player who can beat the odds, we’re betting on Carden. Her unflappable not-a-robot was a solid source of humor in season one of The Good Place. As the show has progressed, she has become a surprising standout on a groundbreaking comedy series stacked with talent. In the second season, Carden brought in surprising depth and jaw-dropping physical humor that’s got us screaming for more.

Rebecca HallProfessor Marston and The Wonder Women

One of the most woefully overlooked films this year is writer/director Angela Robinson’s beautiful and bold biopic about the man and women who birthed the world’s most iconic superheroine. Blame a brisk theatrical release and mixed reviews, but know that across the board critics cheered Hall’s performance. Bringing complexity, tenacity, and tenderness to her portrayal of academic/lover/muse Elizabeth Marston, this dazzling actress deserves a nod at the very least. So here’s hoping enough of the HFPA’s 94 members realize that.

Hugh Jackman, Logan

Jackman could rip through the superhero barrier like Wolverine ripped through those poor, dumb carjackers in Logan. He’s played that character for 17 years, dating back to X-Men! With Logan, he offers a soul-rattling transformation, a nuanced portrayal of grit and grief, and even a contrasting performance as the merciless X-24! If ever an actor deserved a trophy for playing a superhero, it’s Jackman.

What do you think of our picks? What other show or film should the Globes recognize this year?

Some of the best of 2017!


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