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Just Like Dart, This STRANGER THINGS Fan Art is Cute and A Little Creepy

As a die-hard fan of Stranger Things there’s no doubt you’ve binged every episode a handful of times and know it on an molecular level. You’ve likely shaved your head, bought every Eggo waffle from local stores, and built a sensory deprivation tank of your own. And although you’ve probably caused a few nosebleeds from concentrating too hard on dormant super powers, season three isn’t rolling around any sooner.

So why not satiate your craving for more Upside Down antics and take a look at the creepycool renderings a fan artist put on Instagram recently?

Venezuelan artist ChocoToy has been bringing their distinct artistic style to the world since 2012 and recently set their sights on the supernatural happenings in Hawkins, Indiana as an inspiration point.

The style, as described on Chocotoy’s Facebook page, aims to look like something between toys and candy. We can see both elements in the Stranger Things kids but there’s also avibe harkening back to the cuteness of the Cabbage Patch Kids mixed with the horror of The Garbage Pail Kids movie.

And while we love that the design on Eleven’s portrait includes tiny Chocotoy brand waffles levitating around her, we’re simply enamored with this look back at season one Dustin and his missing teeth.

There’s so much to love about every one of these, but we desperately need to see some season two renderings, STAT. Hopefully Chocotoy is hard at work on versions of punk rock Eleven, pre-demo-Dart and the rest of the Demodogs, superhero Bob Newby, and—fingers crossed—school dance Dustin with his expertly coiffed hair.

Let’s discuss what characters you’d like to see in this style in the comments below!

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Featured Image: Netflix

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