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GILMORE GIRLS: Supercaffeinated Recaps, Part 6

The end of another season is here. This supercaffeinated recap approach means we’re flying through Gilmore Girls. It’s appropriate to discuss this show in an expeditious manner; they talk fast and I can’t stop watching the episodes, so it’s all perfect. The second season wraps up with Rory and Dean’s relationship still in the same place but with Jess definitely having an effect. In fact, Jess’ presence causes some friction between Lorelai and Luke. Then there was the Christopher factor.

In short, season two wrapped with all the best Gilmore Girls ingredients. This is a show about relationships, and while Lorelai and Rory’s is the primary one, their friendships and romances enrich things and give us more to which we can connect. We saw more of those develop in the sophomore season and also saw the ways in which Lorelai and Rory can be selfish. Let’s discuss!

Weekend at the Spa

Both Lorelai and Rory tried to enjoy some alone time in “There’s the Rub,” but neither of them succeeded. Can I just say how much I understand Rory’s desire to spend a Friday night alone at home doing laundry and eating Indian food? I hate how everyone gave her such a hard time. Don’t these people value solitude? Of course, she didn’t get it: Paris, Jess, and then Dean all encroached upon her space. Jess being there leveraged the already existing tension between Rory and Dean, but how cute was it to see Jess, Paris, and Rory enthusiastically debating? Dean wouldn’t have had a place in the conversation.

Elsewhere in the episode, Lorelai and Emily went to a spa together for the weekend. The development of their relationship is what makes “There’s the Rub” special. As with most things related to Emily, it was a roller coaster. Emily booked every single one of her and Lorelai’s activities together (space, guys, space!) and it drove Lorelai nuts (understandably). But their interactions took a turn for the better when Lorelai talked Emily into leaving the spa to go to a steak joint for dinner.

I love when Lorelai and Emily get along. It happens so rarely. After a hitch featuring Emily lashing out in her usual over the top way, Emily admitted she wants Lorelai and her to have what Lorelai and Rory have. Aw! Emily rarely shows her vulnerabilities—she projects a perfect life—so for her to admit there’s something she wants is to admit failure? It was big to watch her be so open with Lorelai.

Favorite quote: “A couple’s massage is for a couple, not a couple of people.” – Lorelai

Taking a Detour

Oh, “Lorelai’s Graduation Day,” you are made of so many feelings. Lorelai’s big day arrived; she’s graduated business college. This episode was about her hard work and achievement. One of Lorelai’s most winning qualities is her determination: she might not be as book smart as Rory, but she never dragged behind her daughter, not really. The receipt of the diploma didn’t only bring about a huge accomplishment for Lorelai, it gave Richard and Emily some closure too. That’s obviously not why Lorelai enrolled in school, but how sweet was it to watch Emily and Richard get teary-eyed and proud over their daughter? I didn’t expect any less because though they are challenging individuals, they’re not monsters. They still love Lorelai. They were precious.

Rory, however, completely and utterly failed. She did the rudest thing possible and missed her mother’s graduation to go visit Jess. And no, you can’t blame the bus taking too long on the way home—she never should have risked it. She could have cut school and gone to New York literally any other day. Sure, her apology for the mistake was all kinds of genuine (she knew she was wronger than she’d ever been before), but damn, Rory, what a terrible decision! This goes back to the being selfish thing I mentioned earlier.

Favorite quote: “Note to self: Impulsive definitely does not work for me.” – Rory

Getting Whiplash

Sookie and Jackson’s wedding was an exciting event. “I Can’t Get Started” saw what is perhaps the most functional couple of the series get hitched, and the gathering was romantic and beautiful and perfect. However, the title of the show isn’t Sookie and Jackson, so attention got pulled away from the nuptials and onto the Gilmores. Before we touch upon what made this installment so big for Rory and Lorelai, I have one quick question: Why wasn’t Luke at Sookie and Jackson’s wedding? He’s a close enough friend—certainly closer than Richard and Emily.

Jess came back to Stars Hollow after leaving briefly because of the car accident. When he said hello to Rory at the wedding, Rory kissed him. Oops. To this point, she’s flirted with Jess but been undecided. I think she’s been in denial about being attracted to him given how she seemed to be surprised by her actions. Feelings are dangerous, friends. Dangerous.

Speaking of which, Lorelai could probably speak to the danger of feelings. Christopher happened to be in town, so he stayed to attend the wedding as Lorelai’s date. And hey, it turned out things weren’t working between him and Sherry so it seemed to finally be time for Lorelai and Christopher to figure things out. Lorelai hasn’t dated much since the Max incident, so it was satisfying to watch her get to be happy. But it was too good to be true. Ugh. I don’t blame Christopher for going back to Sherry and his unborn child, but I mean, how much more screwed up does Lorelai need to be?

Also important: “I Can’t Get Started” is the origin of “Oy with the poodles already.”

Favorite quote: “It’s time to wean you off of getting attached to inanimate objects.” – Rory

Which highlights would you choose from the end of season two of Gilmore Girls?If you’re excited about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, catch up on everything we know so far. Tell me about them and share your favorite GIFs, quotes, whatever in the comments.

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