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GILMORE GIRLS: Supercaffeinated Recaps, Part 16 – Rory and Community Service

Our supercaffeinated recaps have brought us to season six, and we’ve arrived to the big Rory and Lorelai blowout of Gilmore Girls. It’s a part of the show I’ve been putting off because it’s uncomfortable to see the usually in-tune mother and daughter duo at odds. However, maybe this is the universe balancing out the 20 or so years of awesome interaction between the pair? It’s not fair for a parent-child relationship to be so wonderful for so long.

Other than Rory and Lorelai being on the outs, the beginning of the sixth season is about community service, Rory’s 21st birthday, and Luke and Lorelai planning their nuptials–maybe? Let’s gab.

Paying the Price

In another case of Richard and Emily Gilmore thinking they know best but that not being the case, Richard hires a reputable attorney to represent Rory in her trial in “New and Improved Lorelai.” The lawyer is arrogant and thinks he’ll get Rory off the hook with a slap on the wrist, but unfortunately for them, the judge isn’t the forgiving sort. Maybe it’s mean, but I liked seeing Rory punished for her actions. Yeah, it was community service and not jail time, but it was 300 hours of community service. It breaks down to over seven 40-hour work weeks. The judge was clearly over dealing with wealthy, entitled youths, and while Rory doesn’t usually fit that personality, she did when she stole the yacht with Logan. She desperately needed to learn her actions have consequences. She’s been too used with having it easy.

I adore Gilmore Girls–I wouldn’t have rewatched it as many times as I have if I loathed it. However, there is something to be said for the privilege the main characters have. Sure, Lorelai moved out and completely raised Rory on her own. But when she needed a hefty loan, she was able to go to her parents and get it. Rory’s done the same. How many of us have a similar option? So, I’m okay with Rory seeing a different side of life involving picking up trash from the side of the road. Even if she’s waking up in the palatial Gilmore home to a prepared breakfast.

Favorite quote: “There’s plenty of time to sleep when you’ve gone up a couple of dress sizes.” – Emily Gilmore

Emily On Your Side

I say a lot of mean things about Emily Gilmore, but she did one slightly redeeming thing in “We’ve Got Magic to Do.” Rory wound up in charge of planning an event for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and because she’s Rory, she did it perfectly and orchestrated an incredibly successful gala. That’s slightly annoying but only slightly. The World War II-themed party attracted the attention of the Huntzbergers–they’re more privileged than the Gilmores–and the possibility of encountering Mitchum caused Rory to have a panic attack.

Mitchum spilled the beans about the fateful dinner at the Huntzbergers to Richard and repeated what he told Rory about not having “it.” I’ve never seen Richard so angry, but I couldn’t fully applaud his or Emily’s actions because hello, Lorelai tried to tell them about the way the Huntzbergers treated Rory and her parents didn’t believe her! Still, Emily tearing down Shira was incredibly satisfying. That sort of vitriol is what makes Emily both great and awful.

Richard had a moment in this episode where he saw Rory and envisioned the path she was headed down. It was enough to give him pause. The realization of Rory becoming another Emily had to be hard for him. On one hand, he loves Emily and is proud of her. On the other hand, he knows Rory is meant to do more than plan charitable functions. She had ambitions, she merely lost track of them.

Favorite quote: “I want you to do whatever you want to do with me. I know that sounded dirty, and the dirty things count, but I didn’t mean the dirty things.” – Lorelai Gilmore

All Grown Up

One of the most important birthday milestones in life arrived for Rory in “Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number.” The shindig drove home the sadness of the separation for Rory because she and Lorelai had an epic trip planned to Atlantic City for Rory’s 21st birthday. They’d been talking about the trip since Rory was little, and the plans were detailed. I’m sure neither of them imagined a scenario in which they wouldn’t be celebrating together.

Actually, they did celebrate together, but it was strained. Emily threw an elegant Gilmore-style party for her granddaughter. If you needed a reminder about how much money the Gilmores have, Emily mentioning the pearls she had put on her 21st birthday party invitations was for you. I can’t fathom a life in which putting pearls on disposable invitations is an option and a thing one would think of doing.

While the episode showcased how awkward Lorelai and Rory’s relationship has become, it also was another example of how Rory can be all too comfortable in the lofty upper echelons the Gilmores call home. For a moment, I couldn’t help but wonder if Rory would move fully into her new life and become Emily Jr.

Favorite quote: “That’s terrible. It’s like drinking a My Little Pony.” – Luke Danes

How are feeling about Rory as we begin season six? Share all your opinions with me in the comments.

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