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GILMORE GIRLS: Supercaffeinated Recaps, Part 15 – Luke and Lorelai Reunited

Well, that didn’t last long. The Luke and Lorelai breakup was the most catastrophic event in our Gilmore Girls rewatch so far. We waited so long for them to realize they’re perfect for one another, and they split too soon. I’m still mad at you, Emily Gilmore, even if you try to make up for your actions in coming episodes. We’ll get to that because we’re at the end of season five with our supercaffeinated recaps of Gilmore Girls.

Lorelai and Luke reunite, Rory starts warming up to Logan–life is looking all rosy and great. But the happiness doesn’t last because then the series would be boring. A drama needs drama, and oh boy, do we get a giant dose of it in the season five finale.

Taking a Stand

You know what’s almost worst than Emily meddling in Lorelai’s love life and indirectly causing her daughter’s heart to be broken? She’s oblivious about it. When Emily and Richard return from their second honeymoon in “So…Good Talk” and it’s time for Friday night dinners to be put back on the schedule, Emily assumed Lorelai would be there. Are you kidding me with this? She also couldn’t understand why Rory was being rude to her. It does make sense from the angle that Emily is a privileged lady not used to seeing the consequences of her actions, but it’s a miserable failure of being a human being. Ugh.

Once Emily realized the effect of her manipulations, she went to Luke. I don’t think she actually understood how much she hurt Lorelai, only that going to Luke and getting them back together would magically fix everything. Which it doesn’t, obviously, because Emily wasn’t genuine. What a character.

However, Emily’s tactic worked on one front: Luke to regained his faculties and got back together with Lorelai. I’m disappointed in Luke because he should have gone back to Lorelai on his own without prompting from her mom. In a weird way, it almost encourages her third party participation. Anyway. Luke and Lorelai are back together. That’s what matters.

Favorite quote: “But remember I don’t put out unless I get dinner.” – Lorelai

No One Is Good Enough

Rory tried a new approach to dating with Logan. She’d been a serial monogamist until she started seeing him but attempted to be a casual dater. It’s a tricky adjustment to get used to, and she realized after a night of drinking in “But I’m a Gilmore!”–how weird was it to see Rory hungover?!–it wasn’t for her. I’m proud of Rory for realizing her limits and for telling Logan she wanted out.

As much as I like Logan, he is all over the place. I’m not a fan of how he turned Rory’s statement into an ultimatum. The end result was he decided to try a committed relationship with Rory. They started this new chapter by having dinner with Logan’s family. If you thought you knew the ridiculousness of wealthy, snobby families because of the Gilmores, the Huntzbergers taught you a whole new level of tacky. They were so mean to Rory! It kills me to know similar nonsense conversations probably happens in the real world. Ugh.

Favorite quote: “You lost me at carrots, which I believe was the first draft of ‘You had me at hello.'” – Lorelai

Here, Have a Drastic Decision

Mitchum Huntzberger, Logan’s beloved father, tried to make up for the crappy dinner with his family by giving Rory an internship. Then he told her she didn’t have “it.” Cut to “A House Is Not a Home.” Lorelai had to pick Rory up from jail after her night of grand theft boat–which a sentence I never imagined typing–and it all went downhill. Maybe Rory overreacted to an extreme degree because of Logan’s influence, or maybe it was because she’s been constantly praised throughout her life and rarely critiqued. Regardless, Rory should have been more mature. She should have eaten a gallon of ice cream or an entire pizza and gone about her life.

But no. Rory stole a boat and then decided to take time off from college. It made no sense for the character, but perhaps that was the point. The writers flipped the character upside down and looked at her from a new angle. I can appreciate the exploration, but I’m not sure if it was the right course.

Rory’s choices also led to a new wrinkle with Richard and Emily. They betrayed Lorelai by agreeing to essentially bail Rory out instead of sticking to a plan to get her back in school. They made a dumb decision, but it’s hard not to understand Richard’s perspective–he was pained by seeing Rory so lost and sad. Sigh. These Gilmores.

And while we’re talking about wacky decisions, Lorelai proposed to Luke. Maybe making that sort of leap when you’re super emotional isn’t the best idea. Maybe.

Favorite quote: “You have to tell me why we’re committing a felony before we do it, not that that’s gonna stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.” – Logan

What do you like best about the end of season five of Gilmore Girls? Tell me in the comments.

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