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GIFtastic TV: Scenes from STAR WARS REBELS, THE 100, and More

The last week of television has come with a supersized serving of emotions. Between the plot twists in Star Wars Rebels and The 100 (which I won’t spoil here), my soul has taken a beating. The heart-wrenching scenes did at least provide some memorable GIFs, so that’s something. I’ve grabbed a handful of my favorites for this week’s GIFtastic TV that are worthy of saving and using later.

1. On It

Note to self: Never make Captain Cold angry. The chilly anti-hero had to deal with some Heat Wave problems in the recent Legends of Tomorrow, and he was all business.
Use this GIF when: An underling brings you a problem only you can solve.
[via Johanna]

And some bonus Captain Cold, just because:

[via frekkenbok]

2. Facing the Truth

Ahsoka faced a difficult truth in the last Star Wars Rebels. In a Force vision, Anakin asked why she left and told her she was selfish for doing so. It was heartbreaking.
Use this GIF when: When you need to say no, but it hurts to do so.
[via jessica]

3. Volunteering as Tribute

The season two finale of Agent Carter involved a life-threatening mission. So, business as usual, basically. Everyone was willing to jump in to complete the task, but Peggy spoke up first.
Use this GIF when: You step up for a dangerous task–like being the one to go out for groceries.
[via spies and superheroes]

And look at Jarvis when Peggy gave him a compliment:

[via Anjelica]

4. An Apology

I won’t go into the tragic events of Thursday’s The 100 because no one needs to wrestle with that many feelings on a Sunday. But, I included this GIF of Clarke apologizing to Lexa because it’s not a bad thing to have multiple ways of telling someone you’re sorry.
Use this GIF when: You need to make amends.
[via onlyalyciacarey]

And just because:

[via Lucy]

Do you have any particular scenes from television this week that are sticking with you? Share gifs of ’em in the comments!

IMAGES: The CW, ABC, Disney XD

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