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Get Wolverine Bionic Claws For Helping Those In Need

Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to be Wolverine. The motorcycle, the leather jacket, the F-off-attitude, and the adamantium claws were the pieces that made up my favorite hero. All were unobtainable to me in one way or another, but obviously the claws could only ever be a fantasy.

It seems Advancer Technologies understands this dream, and is willing to help those like me achieve it. That is, if we are willing to help others as well.

Bionic Claws 2

The above video shows a tech demo for a set of bionic claws, designed in the style of Wolverine, presented by the founder of Advancer Technologies, Brian Kaminski. The claws were designed to work with the 4th generation version of Kaminski’s MyoWare sensor. The sensors are activated by the small bit of electrical activity through the flexing of muscles. By flexing the muscles in the formarm, and by clenching his fist, Kaminski is able to extend and retract the claws inside the gauntlet.

Bionic Claws 1

The claws are quite cool, but they weren’t the reason for Kaminski’s invention. Advancer Technologies is currently running a Kickstarter to fund production and distribution of their MyoWare senors. The campaign ends on June 5th, and has met its first goal of $10,000 already. This is important not just for the advancement of a small company, but also due to their connection with Limbitless Solutions.

Limbitless and Advancer have been working together to create “3D-printed myoelectric prosthetic arms and donate them to children in need around the world.” They even got help from Robert Downey Jr. in donating an Iron Man themed arm to a young fan. Kaminski and Advancer pledge to donate MyoWare sensors to Limbitless and their cause for every backer that donates $25 or more.

The bionic claws are sort of a DIY prize for backers who will be receiving MyoWare sensors. These backers (and anyone else really) can then find instructions for 3D printing and building the claws here. Then all you need to do is hook them up to the sensors and finally your enemies will tremble before you!

wolvie and kitty

What do you think of Advancer Technologies, their product, and their mission to help those in need? Plan on backing them and/or building your own set of bionic claws? Let us know in the comments below!

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