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Geeky Hooded Towels Make Kids’ Bath Time More Fun

For some kids, bath time isn’t always easy–but if you get to transform yourself into your favorite character afterward, it certainly makes the whole process a lot more fun.

Perhaps your child thinks of themselves as the Princess of Alderaan with a kickin’ hairstyle. There’s a towel for that. Or maybe they want to pretend they’re the “Boy Who Lived”? There’s a bath towel to make that possible, too. If your little one likens himself to a turtle that lives in the sewer and also happens to be a ninja? (That sounds way crazier when written out.) You’re covered. These hooded bath towels by Middle Brained Canvas are hand-sewn and 100% cuddly. The shop currently has 24 styles featuring characters from all over the pop-culture spectrum.

From Star Wars to Disney, Middle Brained Canvas designs their towels based on favorite characters from film and TV. Their Little Monster hooded towels were inspired by several viewings of Monsters, Inc. It’s easy to see where the inspiration came from since the little tufts of towel that walk along the spine seem like they could be from a character right out of the movie.

Leia towel-05202015

MBC’s Instagram and Facebook pages show more insight into her sewing techniques, as well as new creations. She recently posted a picture of a Gruffalo towel, based on the popular children’s book. She also takes custom orders. The Tardis towel is a delight while the Jawa towel car seat cover is hilarious and frankly, ideal for any carpool lane.

Currently, the bath towels are only available in children’s sizes but you can contact them for custom orders. Check out the Middle Brained Canvas Etsy store, Instagram and Facebook for more details.

What character would you like to become a bath towel? Let us know in the comments!

HT: Laughing Squid


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