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Hot Topic Brings Back UNDEROOS Underwear, Now In Adult Sizes

If you were an average American little kid during the 1970’s up until the late 1980’s, chances are you wore Underoos from Fruit of the Loom. Basically, Underoos were underwear for kids based on various pop culture characters, everything from Marvel and DC heroes, Star Wars, and even TV shows like The Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. What was so epic about Underoos is that the best ones doubled as costumes for characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, characters who kind of wore their underwear on the outside anyway. Who needed a cheap and probably flammable plastic costume? Not when you could just tie a towel around your neck while wearing your Superman Underoos and -presto-you had yourself an instant Superman costume. Or at least one for running around the house and jumping off the sofa.

In an apparent sign that Generation-X needs every last single bit of their childhood back and repacked for them as adults, the Hot Topic retail chain this week has announced the return of Underoos, but now in adult sizes. They are offering eight initial Underoos-Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Captain America, He-Man and Skeletor. (what, just one Marvel character? Shenanigans, I say.) Of course, they come in retro packaging as well. Demand has been so high that all but two of these have sold out within a week. But I wouldn’t worry too much…Hot Topic seems to have a gold mine on their hands with this one, expect these to get re-stocked pretty darn quickly. Hopefully fast enough for me to get that Skeletor one.

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  1. Douche Hoilio says:

    Not gonna lie…so GAY

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    Now all the world needs is to make adult Garanimals.  Because some people still can’t dress themselves for shit.

  3. Ann M says:

    I’ve been saying that someone needed to do this for years!!! WTG Hot Topic.

  4. Nickly Stardust says:

    Not gonna lie….. I’m probably going to buy ALL of them.