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Gaming Daily: This IRL POKÉMON Gym in Japan is Everything

As the holiday season draws near (with Thanksgiving going down next week), and the deluge of games that have been hitting shelves for the past couple of months, we’ve all been pretty busy. Plus, there was also a little game called Fallout 4 that released last week,—and I’m pretty sure that’s been vying for most of your attention. With all of that in mind, we’ve rounded up today’s news, just in case you were too busy to pay attention.

In today’s Gaming Daily, there’s an awesome real-life Pokémon Gym opening in Japan this month, Star Wars: Battlefront is going to run at 60 fps on the PlayStation 4, it looks like Gravity Rush Remastered is getting a physical release in North America after all, somebody pitted all of the legendary enemies in Fallout 4 against each other, and Rockstar revealed a list of goodies that will be available on the cheap in Grand Theft Auto V Online.

Pokemon gym image 2

New images of Japan-based Pokémon Gym surface.

If, like me, you’ve spent an obscene amount of time training Pokémon, you’re probably pretty familiar with Pokémon Gyms. If not, well, a Gym is a place where trainers go to well… train their Pokémon. Though these facilities have always remained in the beloved game franchise, there’s a real life Gym opening in Osaka, Japan this month. By the look of some recently images, it looks fantastic.

Much like the Pokémon Center stores they already have in Japan, there will be a lot of things to buy in the Gym. But, there will also be several interactive exhibits, which allow you to talk to Pokémon among other things.

The video at the top of the page—which SankeiNews posted a couple of weeks ago—shows a brief look at the location. Several more images surfaced today on Gigazine’s site. Check them out in the gallery at the end of the post.


Star Wars: Battlefront to reportedly run in 60fps on PS4

According to a recent video posted by YouTube user Digital Foundry, the final version of Star Wars: Battlefront—which hits shelves tomorrow—will indeed run in 60fps on the PS4. This bit of news was a relief, especially for those who were underwhelmed with the game’s performance back at E3. According to the report, the game has improved since the beta, which admittedly already ran pretty smooth. For the full report, check out the video above and head on over to our full post (linked below).

HT: Nerdist, Digital Foundry


Gravity Rush Remastered to get physical release

When Sony revealed that Gravity Rush Remastered wouldn’t be getting a physical release in North America, fans were pretty vocal about how peeved they were. Well, it looks like Sony heard everyone’s cry because a retail listing for the game has been spotted online. The best part? It’s been confirmed as legitimate by Sony!

When one fan noticed that a physical edition available for pre-order on Amazon, they reached out to Sony executive Asad Qizilbash on Twitter for confirmation. It wasn’t long before Qizilbash gave us all the news for which we’ve all been waiting.

The game will be retailing for $29.99 and is set to release on February 9, 2016.

HT: PushSquare, Amazon

Watch legendary Fallout 4 enemies go head to head in an epic battle.

Well that didn’t take long. If you’ve been wondering which legendary baddie would come out on top in an all out brawl, we finally have our answer! According to Cosmic Contrarian’s latest video, the Brotherhood of Steel is the cream of the crop when it comes to legendary enemies. When he separated all of Fallout 4’s legendary enemies by faction, and put them in an arena, the Brotherhood took the W with the Deathclaws in a not so close second. If we learned anything today, it’s that you should avoid crossing the badass NPCs.

HT: Nerdist, Cosmic Contrarian

GTA LowRider

Rockstar announces special deals to hit GTA V Online this week.

If you’re still playing Grand Theft Auto V, you’re going to love this last bit of news. Rockstar took to the web today to reveal several discounts that are coming to GTA Online during “Lowriders Week.” Along with giving away several free hats, the developer has discounted a couple of the classic rides which were recently added in GTA Online: Lowriders contend update. If you head to Benny’s this week, you’ll also be able to score some Lowrider mods and accessories on the cheap.

This week only, you’ll be able to take 25% off sticker price for a brand new Lowrider—with a different car featured each day. Check out the list:

  • Monday: 25% off Declasse Voodoo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Tuesday: 25% off Albany Primo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Wednesday: 25% off Albany Buccaneer (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Thursday: 25% off Declasse Moonbeam (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Friday: 25% off Vapid Chino (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Saturday: 25% off Willard Faction (Base Price & Upgrade)

On top of that, Benny’s will also be discounting dashboard Bobbleheads by 75%, while Ammu-Nation will be featuring a 25% sale on select items. Players will also be able to earn double GTA$ & RP all week, by completing the unique playlist available that day.

As for the free hats, this week kicked off with the Strawberry hat, with the below six to be released throughout the week.

  • Tuesday: The ‘Magnetics Block’ Hat
  • Wednesday: The ‘SA’ Hat
  • Thursday: The ‘Boars’ Hat
  • Friday: The ‘Davis’ Hat
  • Saturday: The ‘Westside’ Hat
  • Sunday: The ‘Eastside’ Hat

Closing out the week on Friday, Rockstar will be hosting a special live stream, which will be featured on Twitch, YouTube, and on Social Club at 5pm ET. They’re referring to it as the “slickest car meet in town.”

HT: Rockstar Blog

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for upcoming gaming news, reviews and features!


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