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Gaming Daily: Meet Puss in Cleats, FIFA 15’s Terrifying ‘Be A Pro’ Cat Monstrosity

From creating your very own Mario levels, to plotting some international espionage, it seems like there’s going to be a little something for everyone to play this holiday season. Unless you’re back in school, in that case you should be preparing to be slogged down by exams, and such. Do not worry though, I am here to ease your mind from all the math problems with some video game news. In today’s Gaming Daily: a cat picture is scanned into Fifa 15Capcom approves a Resident Evil 2 Remake, P.T. players find more secrets in the demo, Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo releases next week, and Nintendo releases an overview video for Super Mario Maker.

Cat scanned into FIFA 15 ‘ mode.

There’s a very dark secret that only a few people know about me: I absolutely love FIFA games. Well, it’s not necessarily a big deal. Most of the world enjoys the ever loving soccer out of this franchise, but be warned the derogatory ‘casual’ term will be flung your way when revealing your love for the sphere-kicking video game series. Don’t worry, we don’t judge here. But allow me to stay on subject and introduce you the most terrifying “Be a Pro Mode” creation that will soon haunt your dreams: Puss in Cleats. Apparently the face recognition software included in FIFA 15 does not discriminate between animal and humans. MLS writer, Pablo Maurer made the discovery when he uploaded a picture of his cat into the game. Peep his tweet for the full effect:


It’s pawsitively terrifying. I’d be too much of a scaredy-cat to even face this player in the pitch. If FIFA 15 were more accurate to its real life counterpart, you may have been able to rid yourself of his presence by paying the refs to give this not so purrfect player an instantaneous red card for his dreadful fur style.

On a more serious note, I’d like to take this opportunity to gloat for a second about defeating our very own friendly neighborhood video game editor, Malik Forté, 5-0 in a friendly match up in the pitch. Obviously, it meant way more to me than it did to him, nevertheless, it happened. Take the L, Malik. Hopefully FIFA 16 doesn’t fix this blunder. The internet needs the opportunity to mess around with this revelation.


Capcom approves Resident Evil 2 Remake

After years of pleading, Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 2 will finally be remade. This news comes after last month’s poll by Capcom, in which the company asked fan’s opinion on the classic title getting a remake. Obviously, people showed plenty of support for the project, which probably made the companies decision fairly simple. News on the development is scarce at this point–all we know is that Yoshiaki Hirabayashi will be heading the project. He was the producer of Resident Evil HD Remaster. The above video features Hirabayashi making the announcement like a boss by shedding his jacket to reveal the crisp ‘We do it’ shirt.

HT: Nerdist

P.T. players are still finding secrets a year later.

It’s like pouring salt into a still open, gushing wound, but it looks like people are still finding secrets in P.T. Players that are still fiddling with the playable teaser have found a new location where Lisa, the ghost lady, makes an appearance. Proceed with caution, spoilers will be included here.

According to Reddit user metatronicsauce, our haunting lady shows up in the starting basement room where the brown paper bag is located. As far as we know, she will only make her appearance after you are locked, and then killed in the bathroom. After your quick death, you will be spawned back into the starting room. Here is where things get interesting. Right after the brown paper bag finishes telling you some cryptic words, walk backwards towards the door. Right before you make your exit into the hallway, Lisa makes her brief appearance.

Unitedsplayersclub PS4 posted the above clip, proving that this finding is indeed true. Kojima is known for including some hard-to-find easter eggs and all sorts of secrets in his games, so this is no surprise. Surely, others will continue to find new discoveries as time goes on. Just thinking about how many little puzzles were included in P.T. excites me for the sort of hidden items that will be included in Metal Gear Solid V. This demo consisted of one hallway, so what will Kojima include when he has an open-world environment at his disposal?

My sodium levels are still high about this Silent Hills title being defunct, but at least I still have the demo on my PS4. Hopefully many of you kept it on your consoles, as well. It has become one of the first ever, digital collector’s items.

HT: Kotaku


Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo launches next week.

The Butt Stallion will once again gallop in the penultimate episode of Tales from the Borderlands, which is releasing next week. Titled, Escape Plan Bravo, the second to last episode of this season will have our heroes forcefully continuing their search for the Vault beacon. Captured by Vallory, Rhys and Fiona must find a way to go from Pandora to Helios, with the emptiness of space impeding their progress. You can download this chapter August 18, on PC/Mac, Steam, PS4, and PS3. It will be available the following day on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

HT: Nerdist 

Let’s take a look at an overview video of Super Mario Maker.

Nintendo has released a brand new overview video for Super Mario Maker, which reveals a slew of new additions, and explains the construction controls a little bit clearer. First, the above video explains the very basics about what the title is all about–create and play. It emphasizes all of the different options that are possible with the creator. More importantly, though, new features are detailed. Enemies and items will change their form once shaken with the stylus, all of the tools and items will not be at your disposal right away, and you’ll be able to create your own sound effects in your levels.

Creation tools and items will be dispersed once a day, for 9 days. You will have to use the instruments for at least 5 minutes for the next batch to be unlocked the next day. It actually sounds like a pain, but their goal is to ease everyone into the imaginative mindset. If you’re against waiting, a little tinkering with the system calendar should speed-up the process.

The classic music note blocks will also be shackable in which they will then actually play a tune. Setting up a few of these at different heights will make it possible to actually implement some music. If that sounds too daunting, you can also include your own created sounds into your levels.

Lastly, the title will support over 50 amiibo figurines. The 30th anniversary Super Mario Bros. amiibo will grant you a giant mushroom that will turn Mario large, and his enemies will sprout a mustache. It’s pretty nifty looking.

You can watch the whole video above. You can also check out our hands-on coverage for this game, where I refer to it as “The real deal”. This is the experience we have all dreamt about since we were little younglings, stomping on virtual Goombas. I’m excited to play through everyone’s most diabolical concoctions.

HT: Nintendo 

That’s it for today, folks. There’s plenty to be excited about in the coming months. Until then, make sure to check out games like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. What sort of creature will you be scanning into Fifa 16? Let us know in the comment section below.

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