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Ronda Rousey Wants to Play Captain Marvel and 5 Other Things We Learned from Her AMA

If you haven’t heard of MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey by now, stop what you’re doing and look her up. Seriously: on top of being an excellent fighter, the talented badass is a fan of all things nerdy. When she’s not in the ring training for her next fight–that will probably last less than a minute–you can find Rousey obsessing over World of Warcraft, Mortal Kombat, Pokémon, Dragon Ball Zor even dreaming of playing Captain Marvel. She discussed all of this and more during her recent Reddit AMA, which we’ve pulled our favorite quotes from just for you. Ready? Read!

Miss Marvel Ronda Rousey

She Wants to Play Captain Marvel

When asked which superhero she’d play she responded:

I honestly have to say I really like that idea. She’s already shown her acting chops in Furious 7 and Expendables 3and is set to appear alongside Mark Wahlberg in 2016’s Mile 22. With the Captain Marvel film slated for release in 2018 and still lacking a female star, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility for Rousey to slip into the role. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s likely, but it is fun to think about.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.57.56 PM

Katana is her favorite Mortal Kombat Character

Anyone who knows Rousey is aware of her affinity for video games. Considering her profession, it only makes sense that she digs Mortal Kombat. When asked who her favorite Kombatant was, she replied:

Princess Kitana was always my favorite, so I definitely get where she’s coming from. But, I for one think she needs her own character. If NetherRealm Studios ever decides to add a professional fighter as one of their guest DLC characters, my vote goes to Rousey.

Game of Thrones Danerys

Daenarys Targaryen is her favorite character from Game of Thrones

Rousey is a big Game of Thrones fan. When asked who her favorite character from the books was and what her sigil would be, she responded:

If Daenarys “Mother of Dragons” Targaryen isn’t your favorite Game of Thrones character, you’re clearly doing it wrong. Rousey, however, is doing it right all the way down to the Pokémon/Dragon Ball Z themed sigil. Also, now I really want to see what Mew looks like with Vegeta’s hair. Somebody, please make this happen! World of Warcraft

She’s a big fan of World of Warcraft

When asked what race her mage was, she responded:

This isn’t the first time she’s talked about WoW. In fact, the screenshot above is actually from the UFC Embedded vlog. She kicks off one of the episodes talking about her love of the game. Check it out here.

Ronda Rousey Pokemon

She talks about Pokémon all the time

When asked by GameTalk which fighting-type Pokémon she’d battle in the octagon, she responded:

Boy, that girl knows her Pokémon. Though Machamp and Lucario are the first that come to mind for me, Rousey went with Throh, who made his first appearance in Generation V.

She was also asked whether she would rather fight 100 Mewtwo sized mews or 1 Mew sized Mewtwo. She replied:

Over 9,000

She also loves Dragon Ball Z

When given the choice between Goku and Vegeta and asked who she’d rather train with in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, she replied:

Also, when asked who her favorite male fighter was, she revealed that it was Demetrious Johnson, and made yet another reference to DBZ.

HT: Reddit

What’s your favorite thing about Ronda Rousey? Let us know in the comments below.

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