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Gaming Daily: GRAND THEFT AUTO Races to Television

What a time we live in. Yesterday we reported that all of the Titanfall DLC was free and today a sequel, which is to release on multiple platforms this time around, was confirmed to be in the works. A great time for video games, indeed. As always, we’re here to keep the good times rolling. In today’s Gaming Daily: Grand Theft Auto gets a live action drama on BBC, The Legend of Zelda gets clay animated, and the NPD numbers are out. It’s almost Friday, everyone.


BBC making a live Action Drama of Grand Theft Auto 

The good news: we are getting a GTA show from BBC. The bad news: it is not what you are thinking. BBC, the british public service provider has announced that they will be making a live drama chronicling the creation of the now uber popular Grand Theft Auto games. It will be all about the drama that occurred at DMA Design, now known as Rockstar North, during the creation of the video game sweethearts.

It definitely isn’t the violent crime-filled television show we all want to see, but it’s also not every day that we get a television drama based on a developer. Rockstar is one of the developers you’d want to see considering how successful most of their games are, so to get even a small glimpses into their world should not be scoffed at. It may even have a longer reach than just interesting gamers, since almost everyone knows what Grand Theft Auto is, so this is likely to be a win-win for everyone.

Zelda goes full Stop-Motion Animation 

It is amazing how video games inspire people; case in point: a clay animation of Link battling a green tentacled one eyed monster created by Vine user Johnny McHone. What is so impressive about this is that the whole thing was supposedly shot just using an iPhone and Vine. If you haven’t used the app, it lets you record 6 second videos and post them on the app for your friends or strangers to watch. It has created a new type of content creators that usually revolve around making funny clips. It is nice to see that these creators are now being inspired to make video game content as well.

This looks like something straight out of Robot Chicken, minus the raunchy humor. It is also fairly violent but the original music from the video game is a nice touch. The video is cleverly called “Link and the Vine” and a short clip can be found on Vine–the whole video is displayed above.

Majoras mask

NPD Numbers Released and Surprise, Surprise: Majora’s Mask is Number One

NPD numbers have been released today, giving us a glimpse of how well games did in the month of February. Coming as no surprise, The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask is sitting pretty at the number one spot. The numbers released also reveal some other interesting facts to be considered. First, Dying Lightwhich we loved— was the third best selling game of the month, making it a much bigger hit than anyone had ever expected. Evolve did pretty well for a new IP, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto continue to dominate, and finally The Order: 1886–which we also enjoyed made the top ten list sitting at the ninth spot.

Would Sony have preferred that its newest exclusive faired better? Probably. Considering how poorly it reviewed overall, the fact that it even made the top ten should be considered an achievement . There should also be some excitement in the Sony camp since the Playstation 4 took the number one spot in hardware sales, again.

A lot of interesting trends here: Nintendo is still producing killer apps, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are just plain juggernauts, and the PS4 keeps dominating the market. It looks like the game industry is continuing to do more than just fine.

That is it for today’s Gaming Daily. We hope you learned a few things today. Stop-motion your way down to the comments section and let us know what kind of video game-inspired creations you want to make or see.

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