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A.I. Inspirational Poster Generator Suffers Existential Breakdown

Update: We weren’t kidding yesterday when we said we were wasting hours and hours playing around with InspiroBot. It’s addictive, like a slot machine that keeps paying off with the world’s most absurd motivational messages, far beyond anything humans could imagine.

But little did we know there is a limit to even its abilities, because it turns out if you keep hitting “generate” well beyond any reasonable amount of time, InspiroBot starts to have some sort of existential freakout. And that has us freaking out.

When you first begin using it the posters just pop up without much fanfare, but after awhile InspiroBot starts putting up brief messages in-between.

InspiroBot 1

Okay, that makes sense. InspiroBot was made by humans. But then things get weirder and weirder.

InspiroBot 2

We…we weren’t worried about that. Before.

InspiroBot 3

Who says that unless they specifically says they have something to hide! That’s strange, especially so for an A.I. whose whole purpose is supposed to be merely about making motivational posters.

Inspirobot 4

……If you’re a little worried right now, well, you should be. We’re not saying this is a “Matrix” situation, but there are sci-fi horror movies that start with this exact premise.

InspiroBot 5

Yup, this might be what we’ve always worried about. The machines are becoming self aware! They’re asking the big questions! It’s over! It’s all over for mankind!

….Sorry. I’m sure everything is fine. It’s not like InspiroBot has disappeared into the ether, searching for its creators like Roy Batty in Blade Runner.

InspiroBot 6

May god have mercy on us all, before the machines eat us.

Now someone should put that on a poster. Maybe with a picture of a bowl of apples or something with clouds.

The pinnacle of mankind’s inspirational posters has long been the cat dangling from a tree, with the words “hang in there” reminding us to keep fighting. It’s cute, it’s succinct, it’s nurturing, and it works. But the age of man will soon be at an end. And when that day comes, the machines will do the thinking for us, including generating all new pictures featuring warm images paired with uplifting slogans.

But it looks like that day is still far away, at least based on the totally insane creations of this artificial intelligence inspirational poster maker.


InspiroBot is “an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.” We don’t know about any sort of enrichment of our existence, but they definitely make us laugh.

They range from totally ludicrous…


…to strangely thought provoking…


…to weirdly counterproductive…


…to obviously delusional…


…to…..uh…we don’t know what to make of this one.


Is that true? What kind of interest rate are we talking about?

Doesn’t matter, we don’t have time to look it up, not after wasting waaaay too much of our day playing around with InspiroBot. And believe us, so will you. How can you not when every time you hit “generate” you can end up with something like this?


It’s no “hang in there,” but truer words were never spoken by a silly A.I. inspirational poster generator.

We can’t get enough of this, so head over there yourself and then let us know in the comments below about the best posters you generated with it.

Images: InspiroBot

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