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This GAME OF THRONES and STRANGER THINGS Theme Mashup is Weirdly Great (Premiere)

Not every great show has a great theme and vice versa, but when the two come together it results in something special. That’s why both Game of Thrones and Stranger Things themes are already iconic TV tracks. And yet we never would have guessed HBO’s epic intro sounds great performed in the style of Netflix’s synthesized horror opening.

This hypnotizing crossover comes from the the duo of Tony Correlli and Athena Hiotis known as Steep Steps, who say their style is marked by “haunting female vocals and layers of analog synths, indie guitar tones, and creative production.” This music video is a fitting visual take on their unlikely pairing.

As far as pop culture mashups go this might sound, well, strange, but it works so well. This should play before a very dark, very creepy Lovecraftian fantasy.

Tony said the idea came together quickly one night when he was working on some monosynth sounds and he just happened to be playing the Game of Thrones theme. “It was fun, so I started recording it, taking the medieval-sounding parts of that arrangement and interpreting theme as synth patches,” he told us via email. “The more layers I tracked, the more it reminded me of Stranger Things, so I started to dial in those kinds of sounds and worked them into the chords and time signature of the Game of Thrones theme.”

What makes these even more incredible though is Athena says she hasn’t seen Game of Thrones, but her respect for “the world the creators built” helped her approach the song’s melody “from a dark, haunting, but strangely soothing place.”

Even the show isn’t at all soothing, this take on the theme is oddly calming, even if its a bit sinister. The tune would work just as well for the Demogorgon or Ramsay Bolton.

How would you describe this song? Don’t be a stranger to our comments section below, share your thoughts on this theme song crossover with us.

Featured Image: Netflix, HBO

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