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Funny Faces Bring These Instagram Photos to Life

Funny Faces Bring These Instagram Photos to Life

Is that donut staring at me? These might be internal thoughts that only occur to me but now an artist has made these daydreams a reality. If you’ve ever had delusions of your everyday items coming to life and becoming friendly then @reallifelines is the Instagram for you.

Rather than drawing in the traditional paper and pen scenario, artist Charly Clements found that working on an iPad pro and drawing directly onto photos fit her nomadic lifestyle. I spoke with her about her process and she felt that this type of art was an avenue to promote her fellow makers on Instagram in a creative way, and make people smile in the process.

Clements feed is filled with fun household items, everything is given new life from pots and pans to a lone toilet paper holder. A happy little cake is an ode to Great British Bake Off, while a tower of fun-loving pancakes suddenly finds itself in peril.


It’s this joyfulness that turns these photos from mundane to amusing. Some of her best drawings are when food is given it’s own dramatic conversations. You’ll never look at avocados the same.

Since the items are all so familiar the scenarios are all relatable, Clements says this all makes for hilarious situations where the the food is alive and full of character and the otherwise completely innocent act of eating suddenly seems so barbaric, bringing a certain charm and humor.

Check out the art in the gallery below and catch up with the whimsical art of Charly Clements on her website and instagram @reallifelines

What food do you think is staring at you behind your back? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Charly Clements


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