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Bread Made into the Sweetest Catloaf

Bread is so soft and lovable. Can you hug bread? You should hug bread. It’s comforting and sweet, puffy and soft, it almost seems to purr as it rises and falls in the oven. Naturally, making a catloaf is an obvious choice for bread baking.

Cats and bread is not a new pairing. A Catloaf is when a cat’s body forms itself into the shape of a loaf of bread, laying with all four paws tucked under the body. So turning a loaf of fluffy bread into a sweet feline is nothing short of easy.

Catloaf and kitties-07152015

Lou Lou P’s Delights have the process down, forming the dough to make a cat body, adding a tiny head and plopping down two perky ears. When the loaves have been baked and cooled, soft tired eyes are added, along with a little pink nose and mouth. The cutest little loaves of bread you ever did see.

If you’re looking to make some edible cats of your own, Lou Lou P recommends Donna Currie’s bunny bread recipe from Serious Eat. Sounds like that recipe works for all adorable, fuzzy creatures in carb form.

Catloaf sliced-07152015

While there are photos of catloaf sitting, or sleeping with her kittens, I’ve also come across photos of the catloaf being sliced in pieces. As if that isn’t disturbing enough, the blood-red strawberry jam certainly isn’t helping. No slicing the catloaf. It’s too precious.

Could you possibly slice into something so adorable? If you make a catloaf tag @nerdistdotcom on instagram and let us see your creations!

H/T: My Modern Met and Bored Panda

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