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Lou Lou P’s Strange and Wonderful Edible Creations

When I recently wrote about a piece of bread that looks like a catloaf, little did I know that the baker, Lou Lou P, had so much more to offer in the world of strange and interesting food creations. One glance at their facebook page and your eyes will be blinded by some of the most terrifying and hilarious edible treats known to man.

Catloaf fans may ooh and ahh at the new doggie version, the Pugloaf. The sweet, sad eyes look so real… until you see the photo of it being sliced and realized the pug is actually made of carbs.

unicorn bun-07282015

Since pets make good toast, Lou Lou P wouldn’t just give you a regular burger bun. Normal everyday burgers become magical as you slice your unicorn in two to accommodate your juicy filling. I’m assuming that’s not a unicorn meat burger but I don’t want to read too much into it.

Here’s where things get weird. I love donuts, but a donut dedicated to the movie The Ring may be too much. The Japanese horror film and its American remake are brought to life (or death) in this spooky dessert adaptation. I think I just lost my appetite.

There’s no rhyme or reason to why they’ve created Burt Reynold’s iconic photo in the buff in dessert form, or why they’ve used an eclair as their palette. All I know is that it’s entrancing. The same can be said for the Kim Kardashian cake pop, wholly unnecessary, but almost too hilarious to question. Meanwhile the brilliance of the Magnum P.I. Magnum Bar can’t be beat–I can’t stop staring at it.

Check out even more of Lou Lou P’s creation in the gallery and check their Facebook page for updated dessert madness.

Which strange edible creation would you have for dessert? Let us know in the comments!


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