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Felicity Jones Just Revealed Her New STAR WARS Action Figure

Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso is coming to plastic sooner than later, as Felicity Jones just revealed herself as a toy at Star Wars Celebration. And that’s not all: the packaging for it reveals two tidbits about the movie, too…


Okay, it may not be a big deal to learn her rank is Sergeant. But we do now know that Jedha is the name of a location in the movie, and probably a planet. Also, yes, her hood is removable.


Viewed in that light, Jyn very much has the classic Star Wars hero profile, with a battle fashion sense more akin to that of a Han Solo or Poe Dameron than anything specifically gender-coded. The first official Rogue One product to be shown publicly, this 6-inch Black Series figure was revealed at a panel hosted by Gwendoline Christie, who welcomed Jones to the action figure club. (Technically, of course, Christie’s actual facial likeness has not appeared on a toy yet, since Captain Phasma has never been unhelmeted–but we’re not telling her that!)

This also marks the first time a Star Wars movie line has kicked off with a female figure, which is something of a milestone. Both the aforementioned Phasma and protagonist Rey have been among the hardest to find of Black Series figures, as Hasbro misjudged demand in a changing marketplace and assumed Kylo Ren would be the popular one. Judging by the footage we’ve seen so far, Ms. Erso appears to have many different outfits in the movie, so this could be the first of many, provided everyone who wanted more of Rey can get behind this heroine too.

Are you excited to own a blaster-totin’ Felicity Jones in plastic? Jyn up some thoughts and leave them in comments!

Here are some of the details that have us most excited about Rogue One:

Featured image: LucasFilm
Figure images: Hasbro

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