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ROGUE ONE Celebration Reel Amps Up STAR WARS Excitement

Bad news: December 16 is still five months away.

Good news: This Rogue One: A Star Wars Story video, full of new shots and scenes from the film, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film will have you so amped for the the movie you’ll be ready to take arms against the Empire yourself.

The video was released this morning at the giant Star Wars Celebration fan-fest currently underway in the UK. Featuring the cast and crew, with lots of commentary from the movie’s director Gareth Edwards, who is clearly not shy about holding the camera himself, could have just been released as its own trailer and it would work. There are tons of never-before-seen shots from the actual film of characters and events, as well as plenty of looks at how they made it. The secret? A sparing use of green screens in favor of massive sets, the kind that feel like a little kid imagined the galaxy far, far away into existence through sheer will.

Which, based on Edwards’ comments, is basically what happened.

Oh, and as if this isn’t great enough as a sneak peak of what’s to come, any video where we get to see a slightly-out-of-costume Warwick Davis talking about a new Star Wars film is enough to have us nerding out.

For all of the great insights this video has though, the one to get most excited about is Edwards comments about trying to live up to the legacy of the original films, all while doing something unique. “The pressure’s so high, we’re making a film that’s right touching my favorite movie of all-time, but then if you’re too respectful of it, that you dare don’t do anything new or different—take a risk—then what are you bringing to the table?”

This explains the bad news: December feels very far, far away. Guess we’ll just have to deal with the wait by watching this a million more times.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the comments below. We’ll understand if you over do it with the exclamation points.

Images: Lucasfilm

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