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FEaB #3: Two Men, One Couch

Matt Mira, one-third of the Nerdist Podcast — four eyes. Scott Mosier, the M in SMOD — beard. Together — Four Eyes and Beard. FEaB. This is the third episode.

This one’s described thusly: “Where Scott and Matt sit on a couch and talk about Sasquatch, Velociraptors, and disappointing magical powers.” And so they do.

Art: Dana Lechtenberg

How Much Turkey Would You Need to Eat to Get Knocked Out by Tryptophan Alone?

How Much Turkey Would You Need to Eat to Get Knocked Out by Tryptophan Alone?

Sebastian Stan is a

Sebastian Stan is a "Chubby Dumpling" in China and Chris Evans LOVES IT

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: A Visual Appreciation

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: A Visual Appreciation



  1. Louie says:

    I don’t know if you guys are aware, but FEaB has been nominated for a Parsec Award, under the category “New Podcaster/Team.”


  2. SCOOBYBREW says:

    Oddly enough, this is my favorite podcast.

  3. Oh…and yeah. The podcast. I enjoy it quite a bit and hope that you guys feel moved to record more often. I love the dynamic created by Matt’s tendency to explore every aspect of every hypothetical he poses and the way that it interact’s with Scott’s realist perspective of the world. I like how you both take the time to carefully word your thoughts to express exactly what’s on your mind even if it breaks the momentum of the conversation. I relate to that. The whole thing ends up being very thoughtful and introspective, and when you guys change gears and start making jokes it makes them all the funnier because it’s always at an unexpected moment. I love how genuine that dynamic is and how you guys don’t try to force the funny and are comfortable to let the podcast be whatever it is. So that’s my two cents.

  4. In the Jesus story, the only reason Jesus had to turn the water into wine in the first place was because the guests at the wedding he was attending had already drunk all the wine that was available. They were tapped out. For all we know the wine he created tasted terrible, but everyone was too shit-faced to notice.

    So, if you ever find yourself imbued with the water-to-wine power, but are ashamed of the taste of the wine you create, just make sure that you don’t start performing miracles until after the third or fourth round of drinks. Chances are nobody’ll even think twice about the taste.

  5. marcah6 says:

    You’ve got to pick the velociraptor because a velociraptor was the size of a turkey while Sasquatch is a giant hairy murder mountain

  6. highwyre237 says:

    better sign-off – that was a weak burrito

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t know if I’m crazy, but I think I enjoy Matt and Mosier more on F.E.A.B than on their respective home podcasts. No offense to Chris, Jonah, or Kevin. Keep up the great work.

  8. MikeSol says:

    I agree with Matt, that power is still interesting. We could study it and find out what process makes the wine so shitty and try and change it to make good wine. 😀