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Fan Art Friday #80 – Beautiful Portraits of STAR WARS Heroines Leia, Rey, and More

Alexia Bradley had me at Leia. I first discovered the artist when she drew a gorgeous take on Star Wars‘ beloved princess-turned-general. The illustration led me to her Instagram page, and there I noticed all sorts of portraits. Her style isn’t photorealistic, but she does capture the spirit of everyone she draws. Now, for that Leia:

Alexia’s style varies, too. There’s a Finn in the gallery below that shows her range.

I didn’t know I wanted a Rebel Alliance/Resistance jacket like the one Rey is wearing until now. It’s so me, and it’s so Rey—he’s scrappy. We saw a little bit of her fighting skills in Niima Outpost during The Force Awakens, and it was enough to show me she’s more than capable of taking down Unkar’s thugs, random desert thieves, and anyone who calls her a Mary Sue.

You’ll find a few more picks from Alexia’s portfolio by scrolling down to the gallery. You’ll find a Sailor Moon/Star Wars mash-up with Sailor Jakku, Raven from Teen Titans, some funny Kylo Ren art (he might not find it so funny), and more. Keep up with all of Alexia’s latest illustrations by following her on Instagram and/or backing her artistic efforts on Patreon.

Head to the comments and tell me which pieces by Alexia are your favorites!

Do you create fan art? I’d love to highlight your work in a future Fan Art Friday gallery. You can share examples with me in the comments, hit me up on Twitter, tag/mention me on Instagram, or email me at alratcliffe at yahoo dot com.

What do we already know about Star Wars VIII? Watch below to find out!

Images: Alexia Bradley


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