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The Internet Can’t Stop Shipping Brienne and Tormund!

We’re going down with this ship, and so is the internet apparently. We’re diving deep into the annals of the internet to talk about the hottest almost-couple in Westeros, Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones. Things have been heating up between our favorite will-they-won’t-they, and not just because of that Dothraki cookout Khalessi threw last week. And the internet, in true, internet-y fashion has been fully on board this ship since day one. We’re jumping into the funniest tweets, instagrams, and fan art about this new OTP.

Tormund staring longingly at Brienne has become the look that launched a thousand ships. Okay, just one. And don’t we wish everyone could find someone that looks at them like Tormund looks at Brienne.

Ahh, yes, we all knew it was coming. The Westerosi “Netflix & Chill” bringing us my new favorite hashtag #castleblackandchill about Briemund… or Torenne?

Tormund looked at Brienne like… #GameofThrones #HBO #GoTSeason6

A photo posted by Game of Thrones (@gameofthroneshbo) on

And it’s not a real ship until it crosses multiple platforms, and this ship is already ten times stronger than the Mauretania… and far more luxurious. Everybody’s getting in on this meme including the @gameofthroneshbo Instagram.  

And the fan art! Who could forget about the fan art? @sterling_arts_design is bringing the Ghost we never knew we needed back to Game of Thrones with this Grade-A manipulation.

We couldn’t leave you without this… beautiful manipulation. Starbit Cosplay graced us with this personalized romance novel cover, and if the gender-swapping wasn’t enough, the look on Tormund’s face pushes this picture to a 12/10. And this is just a small, small smattering of all the fan videos, articles, and hashtags going around following this future spinoff-in-the-making!

But what about you guys? Do you think we should start a petition to get #Briemund HBO‘s very own Joanie Loves Chachi? What’s the best fan reaction you’ve seen to the hopefully future couple? Let’s discuss!

We even made a playlist for a future…ahem…intimate evening.

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