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Why Everyone Can Relax Over the CAPTAIN AMERICA Reveal!

This week has been straight-up crazy for Captain America and yet again, we’re racking up our Spoiler Country Frequent Flier Miles, so tread lightly, because on Wednesday, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 revealed that the Cap we’ve known and loved for years had been (drumroll please): a secret Hydra operative almost his whole life. Wait whaaaaat? This is bad news bears over here. Now we’re assuming issue #2 will give us more details but for now, fans are going crazy over this reveal.

One ripple of the reveal has been the creation of hashtag #SayNoToHYDRACap, and we’ve hand-picked some personal hate-favorites just for you.

@_stasia_marie, we get it. We feel you. But just because something seems to be a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Remember, these are comics after all. And that’s one of the nicer tweets we’ve found.

I guess it’s fair that fans are starting to get a little bit well… upset.

And then, sure there may have been some legit ridiculous requests. I mean, even Chris Evans jumped on the twitter train with his own hashtag #sayitaintso.

So yes, this is a pretty sad time, but writer Nick Spencer has been getting actual death threats. And we’ll admit, our knee-jerk reaction was outrage, but then we took a step back and remembered anyone that’s ever read comic books for more than a second knows that in the comic universe, nothing is ever permanent. I mean, this is the telenovela of the written word. Especially with the recent reveal of (and this is a double spoiler warning), Superman dying in DC‘s Rebirth. That definitely won’t be the last time we ever see Superman.

Marvel lives every week like it’s sweeps week. Remember that little thing we like to call bringing Bucky back from the dead? How terrible that was? No? That’s because it became one of the best Captain America storylines of all time! And we’ve got a few ideas as to how they could turn this all around. First, it could be a big ‘ol fake out, aka Cap acting as a double agent, or I guess a triple agent! Or, this might all be explained by a little thing we call time travel. Someone could’ve manipulated time to change things up for Cap and make him look like the opposite of the hero we all know and love.

And finally, what we think is the strongest theory, is that this is some Grade A, Cosmic Cube madcapery. Remember, Cap got hit with that Cosmic Cube a few months ago, which could’ve restructured reality. So even if he legitimately believes he’s an agent of Hydra, it could all be due to someone using the reality warping abilities of the Cosmic Cube. If this is the case, we think his underlying patriotism will eventually shine through his evil ways, justice will prevail and he’ll return to the good ‘ol soldier we all know he is.

So have a little faith in Nick Spencer! This guy brought us Morning Glories! But what do you guys think? What would Captain America Do? Do you think this is a permanent thing or just a momentary lapse? Do you want to see the world burn and have Cap join Hydra permanently? Let’s discuss!

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