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Fan Art Friday #79 – Snape, Ariel, and More by Mioree

Does your day need some awesome art? I knew it would so I’ve rounded up some lovely illustrations for you in this edition of Fan Art Friday. Today’s gallery is all about the work of Mioree. She works digitally and creates positively dreamy portraits of all sorts of fictional characters–Megara from Hercules, Sailor Moon, and Snape from Harry Potter are all in her portfolio. Look how beautiful/handsome this Slytherin looks:

Always. Sniffle.

The digital medium allows for so much freedom. I like that even though Mioree doesn’t use traditional brushes, you can still see brush strokes in some of her art. Also, she’s pretty much the best ever at making hair look lovely and flowy (technical term).

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia:

Hop to the gallery below for more of Mioree’s work. You’ll find Ariel from The Little Mermaid (be sure to look for the Pixar easter egg in that one), Mercy from Overwatch, and more. Then head out to the wilds of the internet and follow Mioree’s work on Instagram and DeviantArt. You can even watch her work on a daily livestream on Twitch. Watching artists work is like watching a sorcerer cast spells.

Which illustration are you most obsessed with? I’m all about Snape–it’s making me teary-eyed. Share your picks in the comments.

And also, do you have some fan art in your portfolio? I’d love to highlight it in a future Fan Art Friday. Share examples with me in the comments, hit me up on Twitter, or tag/mention me on Instagram.

Images: Mioree


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