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FALLOUT Meets COUNTER-STRIKE in Rad Mashup Video

What happens when you get some Fallout into your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Nuclear Strike of course!


YouTube user Westracer (via Kotaku) imagines what Counter-Strike would be like if you introduced V.A.T.S. and Pip-Boy into the fray. I know what you’re thinking– Don’t these additions break the game? Well yeah, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s effing rad. All V.A.T.S. does is slow down time, so you are technically still maintaining the fast-paced action. Peep the epic clip above which features someone in power armor mowing enemies down!

You have to admit, that was pretty damn cool. The two worlds actually mesh well together. Even the Pip-Boy is made much quicker than the one seen in Fallout 4. And who wouldn’t love to have power armor against unsuspecting foes in this game?

With all that being said, wouldn’t it be great to get a competitive multiplayer mode in Fallout? Just remove the V.A.T.S. and you could have something rather interesting. You could even integrate the new beast-taming feature, which was included in the Wasteland Workshop DLC. No one likes a shoe-horned multiplayer component in AAA games, but it could be great. Also, who wouldn’t trust Bethesda to create something kick-ass?

Obviously using V.A.T.S. wouldn’t work in the game, but would you be inclined to play a Counter-Strike mod that adds the Pip-Boy into it? Maybe if it didn’t allow you to fast travel?, right? How about having power armor in the game–would that be too over powered? Let us know in the comments below!

Speaking of Fallout 4, check out this cool way we scored one of the best guns in the game early of:

[brightcove video_id=”4616810996001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”2bfa565b-5412-4cfd-9211-6269880b8a5e”]

Image: Valve 

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