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Facebook Reactions Get Better with SAILOR MOON, POKÉMON, and More

How are you feeling about those Facebook reactions? Do you feel you can bare your soul in one click? Does it feel less inappropriate than “liking” someone’s awful news just to show them that you saw it? Is it just a pain-in-the-ass waste of time, hovering over the “like” button? Maybe those emoji faces just don’t feel like you. Well, fear not! The internet will never run out of ways to let you express yourself exactly the way you want.

Reaction Packs is a new brower add-on that you can use with Google Chrome and Firefox (why are you still using that?). With it, you can swap your Facebook reactions out for ones that reflect your loves. Into Sailor Moon? There’s a reaction pack for that! Love Pokémon? Pikachu will tell your friends if you like, love or are seriously pissed off about something in the cutest way possible. Speaking of cute, you can get Soot Sprites, Totoro, and Digimon iterations as well.

If you want to annoy your friends, you can get a Donald Trump reaction pack or you can give them warm fuzzies with the Justin Trudeau pack. There’s Deadpool, Golden Girls, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and even a Leonardo DiCaprio pack that will make you giggle just looking at it. There are 350 of them in all—including one for Vladimir Putin that pretty much expresses displeasure no matter what reaction you have. We’ve included a ton of pics in the gallery below, but head over to the Reaction Packs site to check them all out.

Even better? You can make your own pack and publish it. If you do, please tweet me/us @JennaBusch/@Nerdist and show us your creations. Please, someone make one with kittens. It will be the most popular one ever!

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Image credit: Reaction packs


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