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Every MYTHBUSTERS Ever is Coming to Science Channel This Month

Remember back over the summer when FXX pulled off a marathon of the epicest proportions by airing every episode of The Simpsons ever, in order, from beginning to end? Well, the model was so successful that it’s now starting to trickle into other networks with secondary syndication deals, and the latest is one we know you’re going to be interested in.

According to an official press release from the Science Channel, a 9 ½ day long MythBusters “Mega-Marathon” will be taking place from 6am ET/PT on 12/24 – 6pm ET/PT on January 2nd, and there’s a promo!

If ever there was a great way to close out a year, this is it. We know you guys love MythBusters, and you know we do too. Adam and Jamie are a constant source of joy, and while it will be said to see the show return in 2015 without the build team of Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara and Kari Byron, at least we can revel in the excitement of myths gone by in the form of Science’s mega-marathon.

While perhaps not as on the same cultural relevancy level as EVERY. SIMPSONS. EVER., there’s totally something to be said for MythButsers’ legacy that there are actually enough episodes in the series’ canon to pull this off. And, just think, we can go back to a time before Buster was a charred disaster of a human analog. Oh, what a glorious sight that would be!

Which MythBusters episode is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kasi Leslie says:

    Wow!!  That’s tough.  I have a lot of favorites, but if I had to choose one, it’d be JATO 3: Mission Accomplished!!  I love you, Mythbusters!!

  2. Chesterfield says:

    I’m still a little bitter they got rid of Kari, Tory and Grant. I do like the duct tape sailing boat, and obviously the epic exploding cement truck. Mostly I like it when they blow stuff up.

  3. Sarah says:

    Sawdust cannon & lead balloon

  4. Shinokata says:

    Compact Compact. I will never get tired of the high-speed video of the car disintegrating as the rocket sled hits it.