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Edible Disney Portraits Make Lunch Delicously Adorable

Disney fans love food. Just check instagram to see photos and entire blogs dedicated to the undying love of Disney-related food. Park churros and Dole Whip top the list but imagine if the food actually looked exactly like Disney characters? Sure, Mickey-shaped ice cream exists, but it’s nothing compared to lunch that looks exactly like Pluto, down to the raised ear and panting tongue.

Created for Oh My Disney, artist Erin Jang has made Disney food so realistic you’ll be looking twice to make sure these characters are actually edible. The aforementioned Pluto is assembled from hot dog buns, hamburger buns, provolone cheese, black olives, black rye bread, and a salami tongue. I can’t be the only one disappointed that hot dogs aren’t included in this creation but that would probably be too meta.

Her ode to Frozen is a rice ball Olaf that uses Japanese ingredients like kombu, nori, daikon, and mochi to create a very realistic snowman bento.

Marie food-01082016

Flounder and Marie are made up solely of candy. Cotton candy, gummies and marshmallows help build their sweet faces out of sweets. Don’t worry, an all-veggie Arlo ode to The Good Dinosaur makes up for all that sugar. Zucchini, jicama, and pear make up a pretty realistic dino but the garlic teeth just kills it. Same goes for an incredibly intricate Pascal from Tangled. The beautiful use of shiso leaves and romanesco would make any kid or adult want to eat their vegetables.

Check out all the amazing edible Disney creations in the gallery below.

Would you eat happily eat up one one of these edible Disney characters? Let us know in the comments!

HT: Oh My Disney
IMAGES: Erin Jang, Oh My Disney


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