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EDGE OF TOMORROW Sequel Possible, Says Director Christopher McQuarrie

In a recent interview with Uproxx, director Christopher McQuarrie chatted about the success of the new Mission: Impossible film—which he helmed—as well as the possible Edge Of Tomorrow sequel that Tom Cruise has been teasing around town to anyone who will listen. Well it seems it is true: Tom did in fact pitch the idea to McQuarrie (who wrote the original), but it wasn’t a total homerun at first.

“I don’t want to f***ing hear it. I do not want to know!” the director explained. As it turns out, though, working on this summer’s current mega-hit Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, helped him realize how to approach a hypothetical sequel.

“What I’ve learned, having made Mission, is what I would write into the movie to make [it] an easier sell. Edge of Tomorrow was incredibly difficult to market. From the look of the film to the title of the film … The movie didn’t have the moments that a trailer needs to tell you, ‘This is the experience you’re going to have.’ “

It seems when McQuarrie was given the monumental task to follow up Brad Bird’s fourth Mission: Impossible film, he wasn’t interested in having it be “just OK”—he wanted it to live up to the series as a whole. “So, on Rogue Nation, I went to marketing right away and said, ‘Tell me what you need. Tell me how to make a Mission: Impossible and show me what goes into it and educate me. Teach me marketing so I can give you guys the material that you need.’ And that is what you saw in the marketing campaign.”

So, with that in his back pocket, it seems Christopher is not as opposed to Tom’s sequel idea anymore. “It all comes down to Warner Bros. and Doug Liman and Emily Blunt saying yes. The idea is there. At worst, it’s the kernel of an idea—which is, on one hand, great, but on the other hand, I know what a nightmare that is. I know that I’ll be in the void trying to figure that out.”

Check out the rest of the interview over on Uproxx. Also, let us know what you think of an Edge 2 in the comments below.

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