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E3 2014: Sony PlayStation Press Conference Liveblog

It’s almost time, you guys! The pre-E3 press conference extravaganza’s first day is winding down with, drum roll please, Sony’s highly anticipated event. With a slew of impressive announcements from the likes of Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft, you can bet your bottom dollar that Sony is going to come out swinging, much like they did during last year’s opening salvo of the console wars. It’s almost hard to believe that E3 2014 technically hasn’t even started yet, but with titles like Uncharted, The Order: 1886, Project Beast, and The Last Guardian (sorry, I had to) expected to make appearances at Sony’s big event, we’re not complaining.

To watch the press conference live, simply scroll down and tune into the livestream. To bring you up to the minute analysis, Gaming Editor Malik Forte and I will be liveblogging and livetweeting today’s press conference, so refresh this page for updates as the conference progresses. We want to hear what you think too, so give us your reactions in the comments below and use the #NerdistE3 hashtag on Twitter to let us know your thoughts!

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Liveblog (refresh page for updates)

7:50 PM: Thank you so much for tuning into today’s press conference liveblogs and recaps. Malik and I, along with the rest of the Nerdist crew, will be bringing you all the latest updates this week. Be sure to use #NerdistE3 on Twitter to join the conversation. See you tomorrow, Nintendo! (DC)

7:48 PM: Full title is: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Man alive, does it look good. Sure, it was a prerendered cut scene, but it’ll be good to get back in Nathan Drake’s shoes. (DC)

7:47 PM: Bust out your best jaunty scarf because it’s time for Uncharted up in this club. (DC)

7:46 PM: Yeah, they’re Scarecrow Nightmare Missions that are only available on PS4. (DC)

7:45 PM: Looked like the tech demo was glitching out, but now we have a terrifying message from a hooded dude who looked like Scarecrow chilling in Mordor. (DC)

7:44 PM: Driving around Gotham City in the Batmobile will be awesome until you have to make an unceremonious three-point turn. (DC)

7:43 PM: This gameplay demo of Batman: Arkham Knight looks pretty stunning. Transition between being on foot and the Batmobile is awesome. (DC)

7:41 PM: Both PS3 and Xbox 360 players can transfer their GTA Online progress to the PS4 version. (DC)

7:39 PM: Uproarious applause after we see Trevor wake up in the middle of a verdant field. Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4 because printing money isn’t simple enough for Rockstar. (DC)

7:36 PM: Haven’t seen Snake’s red Hellboy-looking robot arm before, but I’m pretty into it. (DC)

7:34 PM: As if that wasn’t enough, here’s another Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer. This one is not rendered in Arma III thankfully. (DC)

7:33 PM: And now a look at The Last of Us Remastered. Honestly, though, does this gorgeous game need touching up? Still one of the best looking titles I’ve played. (DC)

7:32 PM: Sony is working with Insomniac Games to reimagine the first Ratchet & Clank game for PS4. The game and the movie will be available in the first half of 2015. (DC)

7:31 PM: Our first look at Ratchet & Clank the movie? Aw, yeah. The games always felt like apocryphal Pixar/DreamWorks movies anyway, so this is a smart move by all involved. Comes to theaters in 2015. (DC)

7:30 PM: All PlayStation Plus subscribers will get the entire Powers series for free. As they should. (DC)

7:29 PM: Powers will debut on PSN in December. All US PSN users will get to watch the first episode for free. (DC)

7:27 PM: Ooh, that Powers concept art. Who would you guys cast as Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim? (DC)

7:26 PM: Powers has been officially greenlit to series by Sony. If you haven’t read the source material, get into it. (DC)

7:25 PM: Oh snap, Bendis is actually here in all of his bald glory. (DC)

7:24 PM: House is getting ready to drop some knowledge about Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s Powers. Can’t wait to see footage from this. (DC)

7:23 PM: We’re getting the first gameplay footage from Mortal Kombat X now. By God, isn’t she beautiful. (MF)

7:19 PM: PlayStation TV is coming to America. It’ll be available for $99. There’s also a $149 bundle with a memory card and game. (MF)

7:17 PM: Still tons of support for the PlayStation Vita. Good to see PlayStation not giving up on this platform. (MF)

7:13 PM: Time for some PlayStation Now updates. The service will be available in the US in open beta starting July 31st. (MF)

7:11 PM: PlayStation showing their robust Free-To-Play lineup. The F2P model must be making PlayStation some serious dollars. (MF)

7:10 PM:  The Playroom is actually getting DLC with broadcasting tools. It’s about time. (MF)

7:08 PM:  Layden is going into PSN schematics. Nearly 95% of all PS4s are connected to the network. More than 1 billion multiplayer matches played 220million share button presses. Youtube has also been announced for the PS3. So you can also share to Youtube along with Twitch and uStream. (MF)

7:05 PM: PlayStation’s new president has taken the stage. Sean Layden. Welcome to the fold, good sir! (MF)

7:03 PM:  Andrew House is talking about PS4 hardware. Morpheus, anyone? (MF)

7:00 PM: That gorgeous little video we just saw is No Man’s Sky, an indie from Hello Games, inspired by sci-fi writers like Asimove, Clarke, and Heinlein. It’s an infinite, procedural universe. Ever player starts on a different planet, so no 2 players have the same experience. (DC)

6:59 PM: Sony seems to have the market cornered on brightly colored, beautifully rendered, abstract indie games. (DC)

6:56 PM: My bad. It’s the art director for Journey and flOwer, not Jenova Chen. Either way, the game is called AbzÅ«, which comes exclusively to PS4. (DC)

6:55 PM: Jenova Chen must have a pretty big chip on his shoulder after Journey, but this aquatic adventure trailer looks pretty beautiful. (DC)

6:53 PM: Skateboarding Grim Reaper from Grasshopper Manufacture? Skateboarding Grim Reaper from Grasshopper Manufacture. It’s Let It Die. (DC)

6:50 PM: Quite the impressive indie montage of pixelated oddities. Broforce and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number both look terrific. (DC)

6:49 PM: A child’s voice read a weird, misspelled letter asking for Tim Schafer’s adventure games to come back from the dead. Turns out there was no girl, but Double Fine is bring back motherfucking Grim Fandango in a remastered version, exclusively to PS4 and Vita. (DC)

6:48 PM: After a delightful trailer about an out-of-work wizard, it’s revealed to be Magicka 2. (DC)

6:47 PM: Sony announces a partnership with Paradox Interactive. They’re currently working on 4 exclusive PS4 titles. (DC)

6:46 PM: Destiny will get tons of exclusive content including gear, a multiplayer map called Exodus, and a co-op Strike mission on Mars. (DC)

6:44 PM: Dead Island 2 will have a 30 day exclusive PS4 beta, exclusive character class and level. (DC)

6:43 PM: Blizzard has teamed up with Naughty Dog for a special The Last of Us-themed dungeon with clickers and other cordyceps-addled beasties. (DC)

6:42 PM: And, it’s a big reveal for Dead Island 2, which is the unannounced AAA title that Deep Silver was teasing. (DC)

6:41 PM: Wait, never mind, now he’s a jogging zombie. The pump was too strong with this one. (DC)

6:40 PM: Venice Beach’s answer to Kirk Douglas is now jogging along the beach as zombies start tearing the city apart right behind him. Doesn’t phase this bro; he’s getting his pump on. (DC)

6:39 PM: You can invite your PSN friends to join you even if they don’t own the game. That’s crazy. (DC)

6:38 PM: Elephants are goring and trampling soldiers and all is right in the world. Ajay Ghale could give Vin Diesel a run for his preposterous car stunt money. (DC)

6:37 PM: It looks like Far Cry 4 will be yet another game taking the cooperative story route. Ubisoft seems very hard pressed on this. (MF)

6:34 PM: Ubisoft has taken the stage. Right now, we’re getting our first Far Cry 4 gameplay demo. (MF)

6:32 PM: The game formerly known as Project Beast is called… Bloodbourne. From Software at the helm. Coming in 2015 (MF)

6:30 PM:  It’s happening guys. Project Beast is being revealed. Let’s find out what this game will be called. (MF)

6:29 PM: Yoshida has taken the stage. His English is a lot better. Says that all LBP maps from last-gen are playable in LBP3. Good work Media Molecule. (MF)

6:25 PM:  This game is too cute for words. (MF)

6:24 PM: Here’s a look at the logo art for LittleBigPlanet 3, folks! (MF)

6:23 PM: Last new companion is Swoop, a little sackbird with the gift of flight. God, this game has such a fun design aesthetic to it. (DC)

6:22 PM: Sackboy gets a new companion in Oddsock, an oddly shaped sock man who can wall jump, and Toggle, a big strong sack-creature that can lift heavy stuff with ease. Toggle can also become incredibly small at the press of a button, a la Ant-Man. (DC)

6:21 PM: Talk about having your thunder stolen. Say hello to LittleBigPlanet 3. The crowd goes wild. (DC)

6:20 PM: Ooh, what do we have here? A brooding trailer for Infamous: First Light, what is presumably a prequel that stars a female protagonist. (DC)

6:18 PM: Scott Rohde takes the stage, letting us know the PS4 version of Entwined is available tonight for $9.99 with PS3 and Vita versions to follow. (DC)

6:17 PM: You control two characters at once, one with each analog stick. Over the course of 9 unique lifetimes, you bring characters together, and when you do, they turn into a dragon. (DC)

6:16 PM: A beautiful, spellbinding trailer for Entwined gives way to a live stage demo from the folks at Sony San Mateo Studios. It’s a game about 2 souls who are in love, but can’t be together. (DC)

6:14 PM: Goddamn, Gollum has been doing Crossfit or something. This creature in The Order: 1886 looks terrifying. (DC)

6:12 PM:  Looks like we’re getting some new gameplay from The Order: 1886. So far, so spooky (MF)

6:10 PM:  Destiny Beta announced for July 17. And a sexy white Destiny-themed PS4 coming this September. Ooooooh, Looky. (MF)

6:09 PM:  Andrew House is up to bat as the keynote host. I miss Tretton, but House is awesome! (MF)

6:07 PM: It’s a little hard to tell with the thundering bass in here, but that’s totally Peter Dinklage narrating this trailer. (DC)

6:05 PM: Never mind, it’s totally Destiny. Get into it, you guys. (DC)

6:03 PM: The press conference begins with a bunch of astronauts walking on what looks like a Martian plain. Now a booming voiceover tells us about the history of the solar system. Hopefully this will end in a game and not something sappy about the power of PlayStation 4. (DC)

6:00: Alright guys, last one of the day. But certainly not least! Let’s do this! (MF)

What do you think of the announcements thus far? Chime in in real time in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter by using #NerdistE3.

Additional reporting by Malik Forte.

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  2. Nick says:

    That was totally Jack Black’s voice in the Dead Island 2 trailer.