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Deleted Scene from THE WINTER SOLDIER Hints at Black Widow’s Past

The world Steve Rogers knew fell apart in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He learned S.H.I.E.L.D. was nearly overrun with Hydra agents, and the problem started at the top. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) stood beside him in the film (I think it was nice of her to let Captain America have top billing in her movie) and she confronted Hydra agent Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford). Marvel’s just released a deleted scene from that particular conversation, and it drops a few more clues about Black Widow’s mysterious past. Take a look:

By releasing all of Hydra’s secrets, she reveals all of S.H.I.EL.D.’s secrets. That includes stuff she’d probably rather keep under wraps. Pierce mentions Budapest, and we’ve heard that before in The Avengers. Hawkeye was there, too. He also drops Osaka and “the children’s ward.” Black Widow doesn’t blink until he mentions the children’s ward. That visibly unnerves her. These references to Black Widow’s past coupled with others we’ve heard in her cinematic universe appearances have me so curious about what this version of the character has done. Maybe they’re dropping these hints because we’re going to receive answers.

Peter Sciretta over at /Film wonders if this deleted scene is meant to tease a Black Widow prequel or One Shot short film. I’d like to believe that. Black Widow is more than deserving of an entire movie focused on her, and it is interesting that they’d release a scene with this dialogue. On the other hand, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige can only offer a “I hope we do it sooner rather than later” statement about a female-led film. That doesn’t leave me feeling optimistic.

Do you think The Winter Soldier deleted scene is a precursor to a Black Widow film or short, or should we just take it at face value?

HT: /Film

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  1. J says:

    Okay, “The children’s ward” any ideas? Now, I’m no expert, but could this be a hint to the Dr Strange movie and a possible tie in? Many of the films seem to follow the cartoon movies and though black widow wasnt in the animated Dr Strange, many children were in hospital in dream like states having nightmares…. Perhaps Black Widow was involved in a twist tie in?

  2. ahmed says:

    i saw that scene was it deleted ? i didnt know

  3. Taylor Anne says:

    Kevin Feige only saying, “I hope…” really infuriates me. YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT! IF YOU HOPE THEN DO IT! Plus I fully believe that in order to fully understand Black Widow and Natasha as a singular entity then we need to have that darker past in the movie. It’s who she is and if it shakes her so much then we need to understand why.

    • Chelsea says:

      Yeah, that kind of bugs me too.  Although, I really hope it mostly just means that they are looking for the right script.  I don’t blame them if that is the case.  I think there is a lot of pressure on them here.  The last couple of comic book movies based on female leads were pretty awful.  Now they have this great opportunity where we have a female character who has been in several successful movies.  The fans like her.  Scarlett has been fantastic.  There is absolutely enough backstory and range for her to front her own movie.  But, if they screw it up, it could have the same effect as Catwoman and Electra, where we don’t get to see a female-led comic book movie for years because it failed.
      I think we all know that a Black Widow movie could absolutely succeed.  I mean, 44% of the viewers of GOTG were women, and even more would see a Black Widow movie on top of the fact that men will, of course, still see it. Especially with the quality of stories and films that Marvel has been putting out.  But, I think that is part of the point, Marvel does great things because they work hard to find the right stories/scripts.

  4. I doubt we’re going to see anything regarding “the children’s ward” in a Marvel movie, or even a one-shot. Too dark.
    I don’t doubt that we’ll eventually hear more about Budapest, but not in a movie any time soon.

  5. Christopher says:

    Yes, take it at face value, but keep the pressure on about wanting to see more sooner.

  6. Kim says:

    It is clear that her past in the MCU is pretty dark, definitely not a heroic one. Murders, hospital fires IIRC… How much of the specifics would we *want*?