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Pickstarter: Help Wil Wheaton Fund TABLETOP Season 3

Over the weekend, our friends at Geek and Sundry threw an excellent Tabletop event in Los Angeles – it pretty much was like the World Poker Games in Vegas but with board games instead. During the event, Wil Wheaton took to the stage to announce the third season of his YouTube series Tabletop and his quest for crowd funding. Here’s Wil himself to give you the low down on how to make season three a reality:

At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised approximately $370,000 in funding out of its target $500,000 mark. Before the question of “why don’t they use their own money?” comes raining in, here’s Felicia Day with a solid explanation:

“Geek and Sundry (and Tabletop) up until now was funded by YouTube’s original channel initiative, which is not continuing to go forward anymore. We have been talking to a bunch of partners and are excited about some of our options to continue G&S as a company, but Wil (and we) were passionate about being able to keep Tabletop on schedule to release more episodes this year, and stay independent of influence to change the show for sponsor/commercial reasons. That is why we are fundraising like this.”

Visit here to check out the official Indiegogo page to help make season 3 happen.

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  1. skyblaze says:

    i think its a lame ridiculous NON answer that Felicia Day is giving for it NOT being self funded – What the hell did Wheaton do with his money from his acting career (which is still ongoing btw) If you want independence it MUST be self funded

  2. Stavro says:

    Your incentive is to keep a great web show going.

  3. John B says:

    I’ve got no problem crowdsourcing when there are perks to paying money. It’s the celebs that ask for money with no real incentive to the people that are donating. good on G&S

  4. RG says:

    Hope they bring back Spellslingers too.