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Who’s the Hidden X-Force Member in DEADPOOL 2?

Who needs the Super Bowl when you’ve got Deadpool? Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth sat out of the big game, but delivered one of the biggest trailers of the week for “Untitled Deadpool Sequel.” We’re just gonna call it Deadpool 2 until Fox finally settles on a name. In the meantime, today’s Nerdist News is investigating one of our favorite moments from the trailer: the reveal of X-Force!

Join host Jessica Chobot as she runs down the X-Force members we can identify from their brief cameo in the trailer. First things first, the comic book incarnation of X-Force was formed by Cable over two decades ago. Under Cable’s leadership, the remaining New Mutants and a few outsiders went from being superheroes to members of a mutant paramilitary unit. Shoot first and stab later isn’t an entirely inaccurate way to describe their methods.

There is a X-Force movie currently in development, so it’s likely that we’ll see Deadpool, Domino, and Cable on the team in that film. But who’s filling out the team in this group shot? We believe that Terry Crews is playing G.W. Bridge, a former teammate of Cable’s from their stint in the Six Pack. Bridge wasn’t a member of X-Force in the comics, but he’s apparently on this team with Domino and Deadpool.

Hanging to the left of Bridge is a guy in the ’90s headwear who can only be Shatterstar, one of the founding members of the team. It’s a little harder to determine the identity of the man standing between Domino and Deadpool. Because of his covered mouth, our money is on Chamber even though he was never a member of the team. Alternately, it could also be Zeitgeist, one of the members who was introduced by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. Sure, Zeitgeist died in his first appearance, but so did Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and that hasn’t stopped her from being in both Deadpool movies.

Now look at the picture again. There’s clearly someone standing behind Deadpool, and they are the mystery member in question. Who could it be? Well, there’s really only one member of X-Force’s comic  book incarnations who can pull off that white spandex costume: Fantomex! But that’s still an open question for this film. Even if this is the X-Force lineup for Deadpool 2, it’s highly possible that most of them won’t make it out intact for the X-Force movie.

Who do you think will make up X-Force’s team in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: 20the Century Fox/Marvel

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