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First look at DEADPOOL 2’s Domino!

Who can forget the first time we saw Ryan Reynolds in costume as Deadpool? The live-action Merc with a Mouth struck a pose on a bearskin rug that was worthy of Burt Reynolds himself. That’s one of the reasons that Domino’s debut was so amusing. Earlier this week, Zazie Beetz made her first appearance as Domino by stealing Reynolds’ favorite pose and relaxing on a Deadpool skin rug! Today’s Nerdist News is peeling back the layers of this reveal and what they may mean for Domino’s big screen persona in Deadpool 2.

Join host and the only non-cyborg mutant in the Six Pack, Jessica Chobot, as she runs down the history of Domino, Deadpool, and Cable while charting a potential direction for their onscreen dynamic. Long time comic fans may recall that Deadpool and Domino share a first appearance in New Mutants #98, but it was later revealed that the Domino in that issue was actually Copycat (Vanessa), a character played by Morena Baccarin in Deadpool.

The short version of that backstory is that Domino understandably had a grudge against Deadpool for his role in her kidnapping and replacement. Eventually, Deadpool and Domino came to be on better terms with each other, but their connection hasn’t quite reached peak friendship. Domino has also had a romantic relationship with Cable, even though they’ve also butted heads several times as well.

How is this going to translate for Deadpool 2?  The early rumors suggest that the sequel will take a page from Lethal Weapon and go the buddy comedy route, with an adversarial relationship between Deadpool, Domino, and Cable throughout the film before their inevitable team up near the end. With Domino’s mutant luck and her incredible fighting skills, she is actually one of the few characters who can give Deadpool a real battle. We think it may be very amusing if she constantly one-ups him throughout the story.

But what villain could possibly give that trio a common enemy? Would you believe Black Tom Cassidy? Yep, ol’ Treebeard is rumored to be played by Jack Kesy. Black Tom has been a minor league X-Men villain for decades, but his inclusion does make some sense. Black Tom and his pal Juggernaut were two of the first villains that Deadpool faced when he took a more redemptive turn. Additionally, Black Tom is the step-father and cousin of Theresa Cassidy, a.k.a. Siryn, a mutant heroine who briefly had a near romance with Deadpool. Siryn was also pivotal in Deadpool’s attempts to walk the path of a hero.

If Siryn does show up in Deadpool 2, it probably won’t be a coincidence. Cable, Domino, and Siryn were all prominent members of X-Force, and even Deadpool himself joined a later incarnation of that team. We wouldn’t at all surprised if the groundwork has already begun for the X-Force movie.

What do  you think about the first look at Domino? And does Black Tom have what it takes to be the film’s big bad? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Comics/20th Century Fox

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