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Dad Converted Son’s Wheelchair Into GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto-1 Costume

If they had an awards show for awesome parents, we know who we’d cast our vote for this year in the costumes category: this dad that converted his son’s wheelchair into the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters for Halloween.

We first came across this incredible costume at Laughing Squid, and it is the work of super dad Ryan Scott Miller, who turned his son Jeremy’s wheelchair into the iconic movie car, replete with “working headlights, siren lights, tail lights, and speakers” that play both the Ghostbusters‘ siren as well as the theme music. The roof rack also has a ladder, red probe, siren light, two speakers (one for the siren and one for the theme), a satellite dish, and “whatever the white and red canister is from the Ecto-1.”

This isn’t the first time Ryan has done this for his son either. Last year for Halloween he made Jeremy’s chair into a Star Wars snowspeeder from The Empire Strikes Back.

And previously he has transformed it into both Captain America’s motorcycle and a worthy float for the Mickey Mouse Main Street Electrical Parade.

We never expected something related to the Mickey Mouse Electrical Parade would make us tear up, but here we are. (Editor’s Note: Speak for yourself! *Sniff* – RH)

Ryan says he settled on the Ecto-1 for Jeremy’s costume after putting it to a vote among his friends, and they certainly made the right call. I mean, besides being totally awesome, what could be more useful on Halloween night than having a Ghostbuster around?

Besides a totally awesome dad, of course.

What other costume ideas would you like to see Ryan make for his son? Bust into our comments section and tell us your best suggestions.

Featured Image: Ryan Scott Miller

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