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Car Tunes and Cartoons: Oozing Wound Share A Very Metal Mix For Halloween

Nothing says doom like the searing, shred of a wildly distorted electric guitars. For our Nerdoween installment of Car Tunes and Cartoons, we tapped the spinal severing energy of Chicago’s Oozing Wound.

This is a group who is so no-frills in their approach that they will admit bluntly to not being into writing choruses. Rather, Oozing Wound have admitted to that they are all about “loud fucking guitars and screaming and shit.” How metal is that? These dudes really have no patience for the flowery constructions of pop music, and by virtue of working in a medium that valorizes rippage, Oozing Wound have perfected the art of succinct shock.

The playlist below matches spark of excitement that is pictured above in an illustration by Sam Nigrosh. Both capture the onset of an adrenaline fueled bender, whether its caused by picking up a raucous new album or pounding 5 redbulls in a row. This is the kind raw-skin, explosive energy you are about to get yourself into, and we seriously hope you enjoy.

Let us know if you are bleeding out of any orifices after you listen this ripping mix and we will send medical attention right away. If the above carnage is something you are into, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to include more metal mixes in the future! Below you’ll find



1. Razor “The Pugilist”
2. Bathory “Holocaust”
3. Destruction “Bestial Invasion”
4. High On Fire “Speedwolf”
5. Znowhite “To The Last Breath”
6. Dark Angel “Burning of Sodom”
7. Oozing Wound “Genuine Creeper”
8. Lord Mantis “Septichrist”’

Oozing Wound Tour Dates:

Oct. 30th – Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio w/ Child Abuse

Oct. 31st – Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio  (Halloween Haunted House Party)

Nov. 1st – Jamaica Plain, MA @ Deep Thoughts JP

Nov. 2nd – Providence, RI @ Aurora w/ Black Pus, TBA

Nov. 3rd – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA w/ Black Pus, Drums Like Machine Guns

Nov. 4th – Baltimore, MD @ Floristree w/ Black Pus, Wet Brain, Wume

Nov. 5th – Cincinnati, OH – Rakes End w/ Forced Opion, DSA, Monitor Lizard

Apr. 11th, 2015 – Tilberg, Netherlands – Roadburn Festival

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  1. cerebus says:

    Oh and nice choice repping their hometown with Znowhite, what a tune.

  2. cerebus says:

    moar thrash \m/ \m/