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Ben and Jerry’s Now Sell Cookie Dough Without the Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s, by most accounts, were the first company to put cookie dough into ice cream. Now, a couple of decades later, they’re taking it out. Don’t panic: they’re not getting rid of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or its numerous spin-offs like Half-Baked and The Tonight Dough. But they will be augmenting it with “Snackable Dough,” available in bite-sized “gobs” to be bagged separately from the ice cream. And it’s still meant to be kept in the freezer, unlike those boxes of cookie dough bites you see at movie theater concession counters.

Thrillist was where we first saw this news, along with the unfortunate caveat that right now, it’s just being tested in Vermont scoop shops. Junkfood reviewer “Junk Male,” who took the photo above, had a chance to review the stuff, and declared, “The only bad thing about this product is how impossible it is to stop eating it.” The dough contains pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour, designed to prevent the tummy troubles that can be associated with purely raw versions.

And of course, you could always just put them in the oven and make actual cookies. But that would require a modicum of self-control.

Should Ben and Jerry’s do this more often? Would you buy a bag of “Monkey Chunks,” for example, or “Garcia Cherries”? Let us know what you think below.

Image: Ben & Jerry’s

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