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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Gets a Hip Hop Parody with “Belle and Boujee”

When you and your crew live a life of the rich and famous, you may be Bad and Boujee. But if your crew includes an enchanted candlestick and a monstrous beast, you’re Belle and Boujee.


To celebrate the release of Disney’s new live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, we’re debuting a brand new video spoofing Migos‘ massive hit “Bad and Boujee.” Straight out of France comes Belle, straight-faced and balancing books in her rightful throne as the queen of rap, singing her anthem for all the fellow book-reading, beast-taming girls out there who want nothing to do with Gaston and who roll deep with their posse of enchanted silverware.


Check out our remake above, where director Andrew Bowser recreates the magic of Migos’ original and Natasha Ward plays Belle like she was born for the role. If you aren’t familiar with Migos’ masterpiece, watch the video below ASAP. Comparing the two is the best part.

What movies and songs would you like to see us take on next? Let us know in the comments below!


Produced by Jason Nguyen
Directed by Andrew Bowser
Director of Photography: Conner Heck
Music by Freddy Scott
Lyrics by Kat Ramzinski, Jason Nguyen, Freddy Scott, Andrew Bowser, and Joan Ford

Natasha Ward as Belle
Amber Borzotra as Lumiere
Chasity Samone as Fifi
Jess Taras as Mrs. Potts
Freddy Scott as Quavo the Plate
Dane Troy as Gaston
Gerald Grisette as Lil Uzi Chip

Key Wardrobe Stylist: Raelynn Esterlina
Key Makeup Artist: Misti Taylor


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