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BACK TO THE FUTURE Sample Remixes from Pogo & Eclectic Method are Heavy

Here at, we’re currently celebrating #NERDOWEEN with everything we’ve got: from Goosebumps music video (oddly enough not our first one) to Halloween-inspired food. It just so happens that October of 2015 has an even more exciting event—in my mind at least—where the timeline in Back to the Future Part II finally matches up with ours.

That’s right, October 21st 2015 is the date the gang arrived in the future to fix things with Marty and Jennifer’s kids. If you hadn’t noticed, today is that very day and thanks to the wonderful internet, it means you’re likely to see quite a few BTTFII-themed things out there.

In honor of Marty’s arrival, here are two fantastic remixes made from samples of the movie franchise.

Pogo – “Time Machine”

We here at Nerdist LOVE Pogo’s music. We’ve featured various tracks by the Australian musician time and time again. His Back to the Future mix “Time Machine” uses samples from the films for vocals over an custom beat to create an intoxicatingly catchy and chill song.

If relaxing isn’t your thing at the moment, though, fear not because this was just released:

Eclectic Method – “Back to the Future Remix”

Uptempo and certainly more electronic than the Pogo mix, The Eclectic Method’s BTTF tune samples so much from the movies it’ll take a few viewings to really appreciate everything that went into it. On the rare and awful chance you’re not a Back to the Future fan (how dare you) you may remember the Star Trek or Chewbacca remixes.

Are there any other Back to the Future remixes out there worth listening to? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Universal Pictures

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