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THE AVENGERS Aren’t Thrilled with the New JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer

The best thing to hit the internet recently brought together a team of iconic and beloved superheroes who will have to join forces to face down their greatest threat yet. No, we’re not talking about the new Justice League trailer. We’re talking about this video of the Avengers watching the new Justice League trailer.

In this clever mash-up (from the YouTube channel DrMachakil, via Cinemablend), which relies heavily on Age of Ultron footage, the Avengers are stunned to see another group of super-powered individuals putting aside their differences to work together, since, you know, that’s their whole thing. They’ve long had that particular big screen corner all to themselves for so long, so this is a major existential crisis. There are only so many box office dollars to go around, you know?


We also imagine that any coming battle with “the Aquaman” and “the Batman” will pose a unique challenge to the Avengers, who aren’t as experienced fighting in such dark and wet conditions as the denizens of Zack Snyder’s DC universe. Advantage: Snyder.

The Justice League trailer here seems to especially hit close to home for Tony Stark, who not only has to see another superhero that looks a lot like him in Cyborg, but who also has to face the fact that he and Batman have the exact same power: lots and lots money.


Of course, if someone were hoping to get rich enough to become a hero like either of them, they’d find a way to get an Avengers versus Justice League movie.

Which member of the Avengers do you think would make for the best member of the Justice League? What about in the other direction? Talk superhero teams with us in the comments below.

Images: Disney, Warner Bros.

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