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Did the New AVENGERS Trailer Disprove Who Dies in INFINITY WAR?

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War! 

Marvel really didn’t need to drop another Avengers: Infinity War trailer to get us pumped up for the MCU’s biggest story to date, but that didn’t stop them from unleashing a new sneak peek with tantalizing moments pulled straight out of the comics. From Doctor Strange‘s alien ordeal to Captain America‘s one-on-one with Thanos, there’s a lot to unpack. However, the most intriguing thing about the trailer is what it didn’t show us. Today’s Nerdist News is investigating whether the new footage proves the survival of both Captain America and Iron Man!

Join guest host and wielder of the Soul Stone, Amy Vorpahl, as she runs down our latest Infinity War theory. So far, we’ve seen Cap and Iron Man fighting the war against Thanos on two different fronts. It looks like Iron Man’s taking the battle to Thanos on Titan while Cap’s leading the charge in Wakanda. And during Cap’s standoff with Thanos, he’s still using his new Wakandan shields instead of his classic indestructible shield.

Why is it important that Cap get his first shield back? Because the larger story of the MCU demands some resolution for the events of Captain America: Civil War. Cap and Iron Man had a bitter falling out in the previous film, and Steve Rogers abandoned his signature shield when Tony Stark claimed it didn’t belong to him. To fully pay off the moment, we have to see Steve and Tony reunite before Cap gets his shield back for good.

None of this means Cap and Iron Man are safe beyond Avengers 4. Both Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. are returning for the fourth film, and it’s likely to be the end of their respective MCU runs. Their reunion and their potential onscreen deaths may not even happen until the next film.

Do you think Cap and Iron Man will make it out of Infinity War alive? Share your theories in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Studios

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