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Where Will AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Take Hulk and Black Widow’s Love Story?

Avengers: Infinity War might well be the most superhero-stuffed spectacle to ever hit the big screen, with promises to round up all the heroes from the MCU thus far. But perhaps the most anticipated onscreen reunion we’ll face in Infinity War is that of Black Widow and the Hulk. The third Avengers film will at long last bring Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) back together for a battle against the Infinity Stone-seeking Thanos. But more importantly, what will this movie mean for their once passionate romance?

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Romanoff and Banner grew close and shared a steamy kiss. But in the climax, she betrayed Banner by literally throwing him over so the Hulk could rise to battle. Once the dust was settled and Ultron defeated, Hulk took off to space. Thor: Ragnarok picked up his story on a wild planet where he lived and found fame as Hulk. But in Avengers: Infinity War, Banner and the green guy will return to Earth and have to face the love they left behind.

In separate interviews from our visit to Infinity War‘s Atlanta set, Nerdist asked both Ruffalo and Johansson what this movie will mean for Banner and Romanoff’s relationship.

“They’re star-crossed lovers,” Ruffalo said. “So it’ll be something they’re dealing with for the rest of their living days, I think. Whether it’s requited or unrequited. I don’t imagine that’s gonna go away anytime soon in one iteration or another.”

For her part, Johansson said, “I think Natasha’s not a particularly sentimental person. She understands that it’s been a period of time [since they’ve seen each other]. They both had their own experiences separate of one another, and will always have a shared experience with one another.”

She continued, “I think they both needed to see this sort of heroic decision the last time they saw one another, that they were going to sacrifice their own personal desire for the greater good—and that’s happened—and move on.”

Sounds like bad news for Black Widow/Hulk shippers; there seems to be no passion brewing between these two in Avengers: Infinity War. Call us hopeless romantics, but we’ll be pulling for a rekindling in Avengers 4.

Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27. Look for more from our set visit in the coming days.

Do you want to see Romanoff and Banner work it out? Let us know!

Images: Disney/Marvel

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