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A Shot-By-Shot Breakdown of the AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer

It took Marvel long enough, but we finally have a name and trailer for the next Avengers movie, Endgame. It features a lot of Earth’s mightiest heroes looking forlorn (understandably), but doesn’t offer a lot about the film’s plot beyond some kind of “plan” from Captain America and Black Widow. What else did we learn from it? Here’s a shot-by-shot breakdown of the entire first trailer.

We open with a haunting, symbolic shot of Iron Man’s damaged helmet.

A weary Tony Stark turns it on to record a message to Pepper.

Tony has accepted his death, as the ship has run out of food and water, with only enough remaining oxygen to last until the next morning. We then get confirmation of which ship he is on. It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy’s new ship The Benatar, which we see flying from a distance. The question is where is Nebula? Is she also on the ship with him, or did she take her own ride off of Titan?

A blue Tony (figuratively and literally thanks to the lighting) looks completely defeated as he tells Pepper not to feel bad about his death because it’s “part of the journey’s the end.”

But then we see a different shot of Tony wearing a long-sleeved red shirt instead of the black tank-top from his message. Is this him looking out on his salvation (maybe in the form of Captain Marvel?!), or a moment from earlier when he first set out from Titan? We’re fairly certain Iron Man won’t die alone in space, so we’d bet the former.

Even with that moment of hope, we hear Tony say his final sad goodbye to Pepper, telling her, “When I drift off I will dream about you. It’s always you.”

Tony shuts off the helmet’s recording and tenderly wipes at it, as though he’s saying goodbye to the suit itself.

We leave Tony behind for the rest of the trailer as the Marvel Studios 10 year logo briefly appears before fading into dust, a reminder of how Infinity War ended.

The Mad Titan makes a very quick entrance. First we see his suit propped up, just like was partially shown at the end of Infinity War when he smiled on a setting sun on an unnamed planet.

Thanos then takes a leisurely walk through the fields with the damaged Infinity Gauntlet still on his hands. It almost appears it no longer holds any Infinity Stones because it’s not glowing, but if you look closely you can see the yellow Mind Stone (RIP Vision) flash a couple of times. Thanos might have accomplished his goal, but he’s not eager to release the power of the stones.

As we hear Black Widow talking about how Thanos accomplished what he said he was going to do, we see the Avengers base in upstate New York. It looks empty, with no movement from machine or man.

As though this wasn’t all sad enough, we then see a clean-shaven Steve Rogers crying.

Back inside the compound we see Natasha, whose hair looks similar to how it did in Infinity War. This is important for placing Endgame on the timeline.

It’s cut to make it look like she’s talking to Bruce Banner, who is looking at files of the “missing.” That includes Scott Lang (who we know is lost in the Quantum Realm rather than having been snapped out of existence) and Shuri.

We know Scott reappears at the end of the trailer, but this looks like how the film will update us on the rest of the characters who were dusted offscreen, because Shuri’s photo changes to Peter Parker’s.


Next is a sweeping shot of mostly empty hangar at the Avengers base. Is it because there are no ships, or because some heroes have gone on a mission? Also, Captain Marvel doesn’t appear in the trailer, so this is the closest we come to feeling fighter pilot Carol Danvers’ presence.

Our only look at Thor follows. He’s dressed in Earth clothes, also looking less like a superhero and more like a supersad. You can also see red in his mechanical eye he got from Rocket Raccoon (who we never see).

Nebula also looks gloomy on what also looks to be the Guardians’ ship. Does this mean she is with Tony running out of oxygen, or did she leave him before that? It’s not hard to imagine the two of them going their separate ways.

This has to be Gamora’s suit that Nebula caresses.

As Steve Rogers talks about how everyone lost friends, family, and a part of themselves, a hooded figure in a black suit with gold trim wipes blood from his sword on the streets of Japan.

Natasha has come to find him, but she looks shocked at what she has found.

HAWKEYE is back! Except now he’s Ronin and he just murdered a guy (who we assume had it coming). Why the disguise? Did Hawkeye need something to do after his entire family was wiped out by Thanos?

We understand why that’s not a happy reunion. They both look utterly broken by what has happened.

As Cap finishes his pep talk about this being “the fight of our lives” we finally get our first moment of hope, as Steve and Natasha are seen suited up and flying on a Quinnjet.

And where is Steve getting his inspiration? From his photo of Peggy Carter!

A confident Black Widow then tells him, “This is gonna work, Steve,” referring to the unknown plan they are putting into action.

Captain America agrees with her, but not because he is confident. He says he “doesn’t know” what he’s going to do “if it doesn’t.” Steve Rogers has never seemed this scared before. Are they in the past already or traveling there for answers?

We finally get the movie’s title, as a shattered Avengers logo appears. The broken pieces reform (like dust coming back together to make a shape) to reveal the film is called Endgame.

We get one last big reveal before the end. Scott Lang (and that beautiful van from Ant-Man) shows up at the Avengers compound asking to be let in. He says they “met a few years ago, at the airport, in Germany.”

As he was presumed to be among Thanos’ victims, Scott appearing absolutely floors Steve Rogers, who thinks it might be an old recording.

Natasha tells him it’s the video feed to the front door, because even at the most unbelievable moments, Natasha Romanoff is practical.

Scott’s escape from the Quantum Realm isn’t just the end of the trailer, it’s an Endgame changer. Buzz him in!

We really hope we don’t have to wait long for the next trailer. The film premieres on April 26, 2019.

Images: Marvel

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