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Will DAREDEVIL Get Completely Rebooted in the MCU?

Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe when he snapped his fingers, which likely offered a much better survival rate than Marvel shows have of living on at Netflix. With Disney launching their very own streaming service in 2019, Netflix’s Marvel TV series have been experiencing their own great dusting. Iron Fist was first to get the axe, then Luke Cage got sent to the curb. Now the unkindest cut of them all has happened, one fans didn’t see coming even if the writing was seemingly on the wall.

Viewers were recently blindsided when Daredevil, coming off a critically acclaimed third season, was the latest Defender to have the lights turned out. With Marvel’s TV superheroes unlikely to ever team up again, that leaves only Jessica Jones and The Punisher left standing–for now. But could Matt Murdock and his hallway fighting skills return someday? Today’s Nerdist News with host Jessica Chobot looks at the chances Daredevil could get a complete reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But when that reboot might happen may not make an already angry Daredevil fan base happy.

Those are some angry Daredevil fans! Not that we fault them. The question going forward isn’t only whether or not Marvel will reboot the character, it’s whether or not fans will accept anyone but Charlie Cox in the role.

How long would Marvel have to wait out that fury?

What do you think? Are Marvel’s TV shows doomed for good? Or could they one day return just like all of Thanos’ Snapture victims will? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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