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Artist Creates Pokémon Out of GAME OF THRONES House Banners

At this point, it’s safe to say that we here at Nerdist like just about everything Game Of Thrones related. The books are amazing (or so Michael Walsh keeps telling me) and the show is continually captivating, but what we really enjoy is when fans take it upon themselves to take their love of something and pay homage to it in their own special way.

A recent post on showcased the phenomenal illustrations by DeviantArt’s Kaleb Raleigh who has a portfolio chock full of original Pokémon designs. Raleigh’s art makes it clear he wasn’t content with just “catching em all” but had ideas of his own… and his latest run is something real special.

Raleigh r-imagined the House banners from Game of Thrones into what appear to be all fairly plausible Pokémon. It’s almost as if Game Of Pokemon: Ice & Fire existed. Each has their type, evolution and proposed names that all appear reasonable for both the Pokémon and Game of Thrones universes. Names like House Targaryen’s Draegon, Dragerys, and Dragaryen seem to sit comfortably somewhere in between each world and would feel right at home inside any Pokédex or maester’s scroll.PokeGOT061416004

While the houses with animal banners are clearly the most translatable to the Poké-world, what really impresses us is what Raleigh was able to do with the, let’s say, more difficult insignia. Houses Tyrell, Forrester, and Frey are all indicative of their respective qualities but what blows us away are houses Greyjoy and Bolton for being so on point to what a GOT Pokémon would actually be.  BoltonGreyjoyPoke061416

Check out the gallery below for some more Pokégreatness and be sure to visit Kaleb’s DeviantArt and Tumblr pages for the rest of his work.

What other characters would you like to see in Poké-form? The show’s opening sequence banded sun would be rad, right? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: Kaleb Raleigh

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