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Artist Animates DRAGON BALL Z Cartoons Using Paper Cups

Dragon Ball Z has been blasting Kamehameha waves into the hearts of fans for almost 30 years. From multiple theatrical films to Hot Topic merchandise, this is one franchise that doesn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Above, artist Shin Shinrashinge has shown his love for the series in a very creative way. He takes three paper cups and creates a diorama of the classic fight between the show’s protagonist, Goku, and his classic nemesis Frieza.

By stacking and rotating the cups, Shin reveals each panel and forwards the story. I like how the bottom of the cups create a small animatic of a young Goku riding his flying Nimbus cloud. He even made sure to fit in a title screen. The planning it must have taken to make sure the panels lined up correctly had to be sheer tedium, but the hard work paid off and then some. The only thing is that for this to be a true Dragon Ball Z cartoon, there should have been a 20 cup series of Goku and Frieza talking about fighting before actually doing it.

You can check out Shinrashinge’s other videos on his YouTube channel here.

Do you wish you could look at a paper cup and create something this cool? What other cartoons do you think would fit the “cup-ime” format? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

HT: Laughing Squid

IMAGE: Shin Shinrashinge

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