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ARCHER Has An Online Scavenger Hunt Going On, And It Is Insane

FX’s animated series Archer has been a smash hit since it debuted back in 2009. Following the insane and often self-serving adventures of Sterling Archer, an agent of the International Secret Intelligence Service, the show is a seamless blend of spy-film parodies and off-color modern comedy. The show’s creator, Adam Reed, has previously described it as James Bond meets Arrested Development. After a season-long adventure into the world of large scale drug dealing, the entire gang is back to their old job, now working for the C.I.A. after their original positions at I.S.I.S. were phased out. [Editor’s Note: We wonder why… (news)] The newest season started back in January, and it seems this season has something more in store for fans who are willing to put the work in.

archer-scavenger-hunt-03212015[Image: Imgur]

Over on Imgur, a user named shittititti discovered in the freeze frame from a recent episode shown above that they have displayed a hexadecimal code in with Conway Stern’s profile. Whether fueled by curiosity, boredom, or a superhuman sense for internet research, they went off to the net to discover what that code actually was…a code. What was discovered was the first of many hidden “” links that would lead to various other areas of the internet and down the rabbit hole of Archer’s Easter Egg Hunt. Through the use of spectograms to find codes inside of sound clips, deciphering fake Craig’s List ads, and some knowledge about the characters in the show, it seems the man behind the hunt is none other than Dr. Krieger. The hunt offers up some fun tid-bits like linking to the video for Rush’s “YYZ,” as well as Krieger’s own website full of pictures and other goodies for Archer fans.

archer-krieger-toiletfire-03212015[Image: Reddit]

The hunt is not over, thought, and you can head over to the actual Imgur page to see each step in the process so far. Keep your eyes peeled during the rest of the episodes this season and see if you can join in on the fun. Then head over to twitter, @MattDelhauer, and let me know what to do, because this definitely above my head.

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  1. TezPickle says:

    The he hunt is not over, *though*

  2. Krieger says:
    PS: you didnt get this from me

  3. Alex says:

    Kreiger: “First of all, it’s YYZed!” 

  4. Chris says:

    This is reminiscent of the Lost internet easter egg hunt/ social media campaign, and all the crazy stuff that was done to lead into Cloverfield.

  5. Jack Raider says:

    Someone on imgur already found this.

    • Jack Raider says:

      Never mind I did not see the imgur link I’m a fool ignore me, cuz I can’t seem to delete ^

    • bruno says:

      You just have to register a FREE account..Have fun!!!