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Get Recertified for ARCHER’s Return in These Six Sweet, Sweet Promo Videos

Who loves ya, baby? FX does, particularly if you’re a fan of their oh-so hilarious animated series, Archer. Because the gang is back — sans its ISIS moniker because uh …yeah — starting January 8th (at 10PM!) and they’ve got some recertification to do in order to be ready to go. And not just Archer, everyone’s got a task or two to handle: Cyril, Cheryl, Lana, Pam, and Ray are all pushed to their limits in these hilarious new promo videos.

The forthcoming sixth season of the spy-spoof will be, essentially, the opposite of a reboot. An unboot? A deboot? Whatever you call it, it’s a return to form after the bananagrams departure of the fifth season that saw Archer and Co. form a ramshackle drug cartel in order to unload a crapton of cocaine. With that off their hands — and the adorable baby Abijean in its place — the team are back working for the CIA, in particular a fella named Slater (who is voiced by Christian Slater because the world is a beautiful and wonderful place that ultimately just wants you to be happy so chill out already, jeez).

Going back to the Mad Men-meets-Bond-ish business of the now-defunct ISIS (their version, not the super-terrorist group in the Middle East one).

But don’t just take our word for their general hilarity and goodness. Watch them all yourself right here right MEOW!







How many ISIS jokes do you think we’ll see this season? Let’s wager a guess or two in the comments.

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